report message add-in
report message add-in

Looking for the best email spam filter IT support? Explore NetworkAntics’ professional recommendations to up your email security game.

All businesses utilizing Office 365 email spam filtering require IT support for optimizing their organization’s inbox.  Unfortunately, the Office 365 spam filter and protection against phishing, better known as Microsoft 365 Defender ATP in the IT world, is not an automatic fix for all email spam issues.  

If you need guidance from email spam filter IT support professionals, NetworkAntics has listed out the most prominent use cases of Microsoft 365 Defender services below. However, if you’re wanting some extra assistance or guidance, reach out to our team today. We’re always happy to assist.

EndPoint Protection (Desktop)

To the layman, this is called virus protection.  These desktop solutions are for protecting your desktop.  It is not a defense against junk mail, spam, and phishing messages.  Though, The endpoint protection kicks in after you or your team have clicked on some email malicious in behavior.  There are many client endpoint protection software options for dealing with phishing attacks and ransomware.  Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 come with Microsoft Security but it is highly advisable to upgrade your business to something more legitimate (see below).   Skip down to Microsoft Defender ATP for reporting junk email and other advance threat protection platforms on the market.

Legitimate Endpoint Protection 


– SentinelOne 


– Microsoft 365 Defender Endpoint Protection  used in combination with Huntress.  Use SentinelOne for Mac.

Questionable Endpoint Protection 

Windows Security (Defender bot optimized for ransomware) for Windows.  Upgrade to one of the above endpoint protection solutions for providing optimal protection against bad actors.   The best upgrade you can have for your team is to have phishing awareness training them so they are aware of phishing attempts by some a hole in Timbuktu. 

Spam & Phishing Awareness Training

Feeling a little in over your head?  Schedule a conference call with your IT team to answer all your questions and concerns.

The Microsoft Defender ATP steps  for Email Spam Filtering, Quarantines, and Email Submissions

As with most things in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do them. While you won’t suffer any major consequences from not taking these steps in the specific order we’ve listed, we still recommend that you follow all of them to ensure that your email spam filtering defenses are the best they can be.

  1. Report Malicious Emails:
    Report Message, Report Phishing is your ideal first start.  NOTE:  There are other email spam filtering options and therefore, you will need to install alternate plugins based on your email spam filtering platform.
  2. Quarantine page:
    A quick shortcut to quarantine email location.  This is most likely where your missing emails are located if you are using Microsoft Defender ATP for Office 365. You’re welcome.
  3. Microsoft Submissions Page:
    The IT admin link for MS Analysis of malicious emails.  Are you still receiving the same garbage emails.  The Microsoft Submissions page provides the “result” or outcome of the Outlook plugin discussed in step 1.  The “result” determines if similar emails wil be filtered or allowed into your inbox in the future.

The Alternatives to Microsoft Defender ATP for Office 365

When all is said and done, the 365 email spam filter may simply not be meeting your needs. If you’ve already tried all of the steps above, you may be pulling your hair out and ready to try another solution that isn’t going to drive you crazy.

Here are some alternatives for reporting junk email and spam filter solutions.

Proofpoint Email Security and Protection 

Barracuda Impersonation Protection: Report Malicious Emails > Report Message, Report Phishing


 Are you confused on the Microsoft Branding?

Me too.  Below is chart  comparing Defender ATP version Windows Defender.

365 email spam filter
Don’t I already have a spam filter? 

The spam filter in your email client like Outlook or Gmail is ok for personal emails but not for a business professional.  The email spam filtering platforms listed above are the next level of defense against unwanted and malicious junk email and phishing attacks.   

 While spam is annoying, phishing attacks are devastating to a business.  Employees can easily be duped into conversations with an individual posing as a vendor or client with an ever-so-slightly-off domain or clicking on a well-known brand like Microsoft, FedEx, etc., and they end up handing over their credentials or allowing remote access to a bad actor.   

It is best to incorporate a business grade “email quarantine” solution and “report message” plugins to your Outlook.  The best pair of eyes for malicious activity are your own users.  The “report message” plugin in Outlook, utilized by your users is the first line of defense against bad actors. 

Defender ATP Best Practices according to email spam filter IT support professionals

Defender unfortunately quarantines a lot of legitimate emails in the beginning of your Office 365 email spam filter/quarantine setup experience.  We have provided the URL below for the client to flag those “quarantined” emails if they believe they are legitimate.   

Those flagged emails can be set up to notify directly through 365 Defender, but we believe it’s best that they send an email to your support team to request a review of the email you flagged.  If you need professional help, you can always contact our team at NetworkAntics. 



Above is the link to the quarantine page – it is imperative that each user visit this page at least once a week to review quarantined messages for at least the first 90 days.  Defender ATP may have mistaken critical communication for spam or something malicious. 

365 Defender Email Noise  

It is best to request that your 365 email spam filter IT support administrator turn off the quarantine notifications.  Simply peruse the Defender URL below whenever you feel your inbox has not received a legitimate email from a client or whoever.  Otherwise, be prepared for plenty of annoying emails like the one below.    

Obviously, I don’t want to review messages that are clearly not legitimate or worth my time or energy.  Defer to the Defender URL below to review emails at your leisure. 


email spam filter IT support

Defender URL 

It is best to place a shortcut URL on your desktop for vigilant users who don’t want to miss any legitimate emails.

How to release legit emails? 

How to Quickly View Emails Quarantined in Microsoft Defender: Release Emails from Quarantine in Office 365 by Request – Network Antics

Bonus Office 365 email spam filter IT support resources 

Having trouble with spam emails? Check out all of our blog posts on how to ensure that you receive important emails while keeping yourself safe from malicious ones.  

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365 Email Spam Filter IT Support: A Preliminary Guide to Preventing & Reporting Junk Email Summary

Securing yourself against spam and other harmful emails is a balancing act between having the right tools in place and doing your due diligence. Even with Office 365 spam filtering in place, we still recommend that you work with your IT support administrator to make sure that you have legitimate endpoint protection while not getting overwhelmed with spam notifications. For extra email spam filter IT support, send our team at NetworkAntics a message – we’re always happy to help! 

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