Office 365 Exchange
Office 365 Exchange

Office 365 Exchange phrase explains that you are utilizing Office 365 Essentials or Premium mail server services for sending and receiving your email.  Microsoft has created a branding mess and knowing who hosts your email is half the battle. Skip down to the section called “Links to Email Hosting Sites” if you already know the specifics of what company hosts your site.  More than likely Microsoft hosts your Office 365. Try blindly going to site to see if you have administrative access to the Office 365 website.  Read below for a more involved journey.

Ok, I need a step by step guide for creating Microsoft Basic and Premium Users

How to create users in Office 365 and Azure AD – Network Antics

What Company Hosts My Office 365 Exchange Email?

The very first step to start if you don’t know who your email hosting provider is using an MX Lookup command line or a user friendly MX lookup site that does the same thing.   The results from submitting your domain will vary.  Here are some samples…

Your email service provider is “Office365”Office 365 Exchange


Your email service provider is “Rackspace”


Your email service provider is “Google Apps”


I don’t care about someone hosting email.  I just need to install and manage the local desktop version of office suite by Office 365.

This could be the store link or they may have Business Premium by Office 365 and you don’t know it.  Business Premium comes with Office 365 Exchange for not accessing email but providing users with a subscription version of the desktop office suite.


Great, we have Office365!  What now? 

Slow down there cowboy.   The fancy hosted version of Microsoft Exchange is Office 365.  They give you a suite of cloud based Office Suite apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel but it can be hosted through several third parties.

What are the Office 365 Exchange Parties?

Typically, the go to ones are Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Rackspace.


Links to Email Hosting Sites…

GoDaddy Links – Ok, we have GoDaddy hosting our Microsoft Office 365.Office 365 Exchange 

Here are some quick link resource:

Microsoft Links – Ok, we have Microsoft hosting our Microsoft Office 365.   What’s the URL for administrative access? – admin access – mail access or OWA


Go into Admin Access and setup the user.  Click add user, submit details, and attempt to add a license.  There may be none available – admin access

I’m in the admin “Admin Center” console.  What now?office 365 exchange

Click the Main Menu button on the top left corner and select “admin”.Delete or “block” user and delete their Office 365 Exchange subscription license if the mailbox is no longer needed.  Please make sure the mailbox does not need to be archived before proceeding.   This is important because you may want to retain their data and you may need that license freed up immediately for the new employee.

Add User

Adding a user is pretty straight forward if you have a Business Premium or Essentials License available.  Read the prior paragraph to maybe free up a license.  The prior adding a user link doesn’t apply if you are on GoDaddy Office 365 Exchange.

Add an Office 365 Exchange Account Summary

Knowing office 365 can save you a lot of time and aggravation.  Here are some additional time saving features.

Time Saving Questions for IT Admin email related work

Click here for optimized version of this questionnaire.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Role
  • Name existing user account who’s role is similar to the new employee
  • Any user accounts that need to be disabled and perhaps their Office 365 Exchange license can be recycled?

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