Ever get prompted that strange Microsoft Office 365 related prompt for “app or device” on your phone or computer?  This is the tip of the iceberg of taking a peek into the wonderful world of device management for IT administrators and DIYers.   Intune’s Mobile Device Management gets heavily into the back-end administration of this.  Here’s what you need to know for anyone who simply wants a basic break down.

Allow My Organization to Manage My Device

Device Management is more for companies looking to manage the entirety of the device.

App Only

App Management is typically used in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) situations into work.  Here, Intune allows the company to manage the data connected to apps on the device while not managing the device itself.  This setting is for trusting the mobile device or desktop.  The device is then registered in the server but does not manage it.  Basically, the app does not keep prompting you for credentials if you login from that device.

Bring Your Own Device Setup in Intune (BYOD) Section

For those IT administrators, we will go into the “apps” section.  Remember the apps section is where we will administer apps to be pushed to devices as well as apps for BYOD.

How did you get to Intune Mobile Device Management?

Follow our Intune support guide.


Allow My Organization to Manage My Device









Allow My Organization to Manage My Device










Illustrated above is the apps section of Intune.  In the overview section, we can see all apps as well as some monitoring as to what is going on with our apps.

By Platform

We can look at apps by platform.


We can look at the policies related to apps


And we have some other features of Intune like adding categories for our apps and authenticating users for company ebooks.  Let’s take a look at all app.



Allow My Organization to Manage My Device







App Protection

Illustrated above, we can see all the apps we have added to Intune.  This is where we can create policies for sensitive app data.  I will try to post for Android management as a separate post if I ever create more free time to do so.  In the meantime, we will proceed down to the “Devices” section.

Allow My Organization to Manage My Device Summary

We have built out a separate post for managing the device.  For additional resources…




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