ArcGIS IT Support
ArcGIS IT Support

ArcGIS is a map database for a variety of organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, and consultants that like to collaborate with other groups on projects using the Internet.  We provide here ArcGIS IT support for your team to troubleshoot basic issues within a small environment.   We typically find ArcGIS being used with 1 license Subscription to Basic (ArcView) Concurrent Use.  Please make sure you reflect that in your configuration.

  • 1 license Subscription to Basic (ArcView) Concurrent Use

We provide a simple ArcGIS workflow for you to troubleshoot…

Workstation communicates with server to retrieve license.

Problem  1

Workstation produces licenses error upon entering ArcMap, ArcGlobe, and ArcScene.

Resolution 1

Check connectivity to server. Enter “Network and Sharing Center” for Windows Server and view active networks. Confirm your organization’s network is a private network.

Problem 2

Windows Server views network as “Public network” not private.

Resolution 2

a) In Registry Editor, navigate to the location below. (see screenshot below)


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles

ArcGIS IT Support


b)Double click/tap on the Profiles key in the left pane to expand it. Click/tap on each long GUID number subkey, and look at it’s ProfileName string value in the right pane to see if it has the current network name (ex: Network) until found. (see screenshots below)
ArcGIS IT Support










ArcGIS IT Support




c)  When you find the correct ProfileName for your network name, double click/tap on the Category DWORD value in the same right pane to modify it. (see screenshot below)


ArcGIS IT Support









d)Type in a new Data value number for the network location you want, and click/tap on OK. (see screenshot below)
ArcGIS IT Support

Network Location Data Value
Public 0
Private 1
Domain 2

e)  When finished, you can now close Registry Editor if you like.  Sometimes you may need to sign out and in of your user account or reboot to apply the new network location.



Problem 3

ArcGIS Administrator on server still errors out.

Resolution 3

Check ArcGIS administrator settings. Review the server name and port number for ArcGIS administrator. Custom settings are as followed…


SERVER this_host ANY 27004


  • Choose correct Product Type – Basic (ArcView) Concurrent *ArcGIS – 1 license and save
  • Go into services.msc, (arcGIS) stop/start license services, reread licenses


Arc GIS IT Support




Additional Services to stop/restart

  • Flexnet license service properties (automatic) stop/start
  • ArcGIS License Manager Properties (automatic) stop/start
  • WMI Performance adapter   (automatic) stop/start

Check client workstation and review license availability. Should be 1 avaialable. 1 in use.

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