Curious about EHR software? Use our checklist to see what you need for basic EHR implementation.

Healthcare practices call us inquiring about how best to prepare for an eClinicalworks, Waiting Room Solutions, Allscripts, and other Electronic Health Care vendors. I assembled a quick inventory guide doctor practices should consider to secure their medical records.

1)       Will your practice deploy an ASP or Locally Hosted model?

2)       Is your practice spread out to several locations if so how many?

3)      How many users will be concurrently using the system?

4)      Is high speed internet available at all locations? If you need help with trouble shooting your internet connection, check out this post.

5)      Does your office have a high speed internet connection?  What are the upload and download speeds?  EMRs depend heavily on good speeds.

-The bare minimum speed for up to 10 users is 512KBs upload, 786KBs download.
-The required speed for 11 to 20 users is 786KBs upload, 786KBs download.
-The heavy usage speed for 21 to 30 users is 1.5 MBps up and download.

6)  Do you wish to have you or your staff to remote into the program?  What type of device do you wish to remote in with?

Lastly, here are some need-to-know buzzwords that may help you with searching for the information you need for basic EHR implementation: Local or ASP, Firewall, VPN.

Read this post about the basic small business setup if you wish to maintain a server of your own.

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