Capsule CRM pros and cons graphic
Capsule CRM pros and cons graphic

Discover why I used Capsule CRM for so long, and why I ultimately had to leave them behind, plus our list of helpful articles on CRMs.


At just $15/month, Capsule CRM prices can’t be beat. I used their CRM platform for years because it is so damn easy to use. While there are many Capsule CRM pros and cons to consider (including the UI, mobile app, and more), I found out that what they had to offer was not enough to keep me and my business with them.

Read on to learn about my journey with Capsule CRM or skip to the end for our list of resources on CRMs.

On the go…

I like going on road trips, but ultimately found myself wanting to connect with clientele on the road because I simply could not enjoy the Interstate 5 central valley scenery quite enough. The same goes for traveling anywhere – I would tap on the app and quickly be navigated to my contacts to start making my calls.

Keeping work and play separate

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘work-life balance. At first, I weighed the Capsule CRM pros and cons based on this philosophy. I don’t like compiling business contacts in my iPhone default contacts app, so I would add them by the Capsule CRM. Though I appreciated this function, there’s nothing worse than searching for contacts and the contact is simply not there (which was sometimes the case).

The user interface

This is, by far, the cleanest layout for people and organizations. While some people have said that they think the UI is lacking, simplicity and ease-of-use go hand-in-hand for me. The minimalist layout makes everything easy to find and access.


API Integration

We created an API from our answering service that performed caller intake. The answering service would email the contact information over to our team, but more importantly the API would update our contacts with new prospective clientele – another positive in the Capsule CRM pros and cons. Happy trails once again on the I5 cruising past Bovine University on the way down to Bakersfield.

Caller ID

Another feature that I liked was the caller ID. It was pretty cool to have another addition where the iPhone would be able to identify any return caller by syncing iPhone caller ID with Capsule CRM.

Email Threads

For the simple process of emailing back and forth, I simply BCC’ed a unique Capsule email to retain the communication in the Capsule contact. However, it was not able to fully integrate 365 sent/received communication, so I would only receive pieces of information.


Creating tags is so easy; a bit too easy. While you might think that tag creation could go in either category of Capsule CRM pros and cons, my CRM housekeeping once again taught me that less is more. After a lot of overcomplications, I reduced the number of tags down to 4: Lead, resource, friend, and maybe “dead”.

I recommend developing a process for purging the dead completely from your CRM. But after clearing them out, what then?

What then?

You have a lead, and they hopefully become a client – but what if they don’t?

Whether it was cleaning out dead leads or having a system to revive them, Capsule CRM fell short in the “what then” category – so much so that I had to migrate away from it.

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Ultimately, Capsule CRM had me at their price point and ease of use but fell short beyond that. Read up on my CRM platforms review post to understand all the platforms I have touched and what might be the reason you would choose one over the other.

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