Dragon IT Support
Dragon IT Support

Basic Dragon IT Support consist of simply knowing the versions out there on the network, what software is new vs what is old, and who are the key players for contacting when things aren’t.  Basically, it comes down to (once again) documentation or Dragon IT support documentation.  Your team can spend 15 minutes compiling a basic spreadsheet of information for investigating any issues with Dragon versions and licenses.  Please create a spreadsheet if one does not exist and organize in similar fashion as to the spreadsheet below.


ProTip! Remove the prior version of Dragon before installing the new version.  Otherwise, the key won’t work.


Dragon Versions Speech Engine Version Serial Key Notes Machines Installed On:
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version 4 Speech Engine is Version 13 Latest Version
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version 2 A709A-X00-xxxx-xxxx-xx Call Nuance for media
Jane Doe
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version 12 A709A-X00-xxxx-xxxx-xx We have this media stored on the server and CD
Micheal old computer
John Smith

How do I find my version number?


Dragon Medical Version








Point Of Contact – Reseller

You may have a reseller that works with Nuance directly for you.  Regardless, it up to the practice to retain all serial keys.   Serial key come with the CD media and can be extracted off of existing installations using Belark Advisor

Customer Service: 800 654-1187

Nuance Dragon IT Support: 770 702-6014

Media replacement:  877 805-5902


Dragon IT Support Summary

We will improve this blog post as we gather more information.  Bottom line, make sure someone is recording your licenses and saving your media.

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