eclinicalworks fax server support
eclinicalworks fax server support

This posts helps users who need eClinical fax server support and want the appearance that you are well organized and prepared for the immanent arrival of your IT guy. This will save you time and money. The alternative to hosting it yourself is to going through eclinicalworks. $750.00 will be the charges for the install and $50 per month for 500 faxes or 1000 pages whichever comes 1st, anything over that will be charged 4 cents per page. You may want to go this route depending on how high maintenance your server and fax situation.  You will obviously will save money hosting it on your own but will have greater liability off the balance sheets.

1)       Anyone in the tech industry who deals with fax servers knows to always go with a Mainpine Modem.  Choose this workhorse and you won’t be disappointed.

2)      Fax servers can easily run on Windows 7 but choose a Microsoft Server product when utilizing more than one line fax line.

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3)      Replace your hard drive to ensure if there’s any incompatibility with your new server OS you can always revert back to the legacy drive.  I recommend a solid state drive because the price has dropped; they are fast, and stable.

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4)       Hard drive docks are great for transferring data.  This will be helpful once you replaced the hard drive.

If you need any assistance with eClinical fax server support, check out our services to talk to a specialist to get you started!