email attachments
email attachments

New tickets for the same problem or skipping the support system all together can drive the support team crazy.   For instance, there may be a but perhaps you have somewhat a chummy relationship with someone on the inside.  You may be inclined to try to text and or email him or call him directly.  Now imagine this individual is dealing with 10 clients all in the same day; and a few have that same privileged connection.  You can imagine that support individual’s head may be on a swivel if there’s no practical way to delegate.

Professional Tips for Preventing Head Swivel Fatigue

  • Email support ticketing system
  • Use agent on the desktop for emailing support ticketing system
  • Don’t text
  • Maintain (reply) the same ticket number
    • Don’t compose a new email for existing ticket
  • Don’t forward emails

How to attach emails in Outlook for including in your existing support ticketemail attachments

Pop out the email reply ticket you are working on.  Then drag the email you wish to attach into your new email.


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