Enable 2FA on Ubiquiti
Enable 2FA on Ubiquiti

Discover how to manage and secure your data better when you enable 2FA on Ubiquiti and delegate permissions to users. 




Let’s face it – the support for Ubiquiti is lacking.  The Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro is a console that functions as a switch, router, and network controller that allows for simpler network management by reducing the number of devices needed and giving users access to all UniFi OS applications in one place, but none of that matters if something goes wrong and you have no one to help you figure out how to fix it.

Trying to resolve the issue on your own can be time consuming, frustrating, and may even end up being a total waste of time if you can’t find the right solution. To try and save you some of the trouble, we’ve decided to create this and other Ubiquiti posts to help you get set up and troubleshoot your Ubiquiti devices.  

This article addresses how to enable 2FA on Ubiquiti, how to add users to Unifi, and Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro user management setup (including Cloud Key user configuration). Keep reading to learn more, or if you have something specific you need help with, contact us today! 


Why Do I Want to Enable 2FA on Ubiquiti? 

Cyber security is a major topic of concern for individuals and businesses alike. With so much of our personal and work lives happening in the digital realm, it’s only natural that we’d want to make sure whatever information we’re keeping is safe and sound. 

2FA stands for two-factor authentication, which is a security method that asks users to provide two different forms of identification in order to gain access to a system or data. Have you ever gotten a notification that your password has been compromised? This is not only the reason why 2FA exists but also why it’s so important – it adds an extra layer of security that makes it way more difficult for hackers to bypass if they want to steal your data or personal information.  

On top of that, when you enable 2FA on Ubiquiti, it acts as an alarm system for users and businesses in case a 2FA notification is sent to a user when they didn’t actually request access. This double-layered defense is a small but effective step in monitoring and keeping your data secure. 


What Are the Benefits When I Add Users to Unifi? 

UDM pro user management setup supports five different applications: Network, Protect, Access, Talk, and UID. You can assign roles to each user and system you want them to have access to, which will give you more security and less confusion amongst your users.


UDM Pro User Management Setup: How Do I Add Users to Unifi? 

Adding users to UniFi doesn’t take long and is relatively simple to accomplish. As you add them in your UDM pro user management setup, you can also change their access and permissions. However, if you run into any issues, our team of IT professionals is ready to help out – just send us a message today. 

  • Log into unifi.ui.com  
  • Note: If you saw a different interface, the Unifi OS version is probably different. The current SOP is for version 3.2.12.  
  • Go to Unifi OS in your target site 



  • On the UniFi OS settings screen select Admins & Users  
  • In the upper right corner click on the Plus sign button to add a new user 



  • On the Add Admin form you need to provide the email address to which the invitation will be sent for the new user account. 
  • Define user permissions and once ready, click on the Add button.
    Note: You can save the user permission as a Custom Role to use it in the future as Predefined role 



Here is an example of predefined role: 



That’s it!  
You can always adjust users’ permissions later in your UDM pro user management setup if needed. 

Note: Each user will have to customize the notification settings under his account. 
Also there is no option to control MFA enforcement on the user accounts but do your best to ensure all accounts are protected by the MFA. 


Cloud Key User Management  

Lastly, if you want to configure the user settings for Cloud Key, follow the instructions below: 

  • Go to Settings on the left-hand side 
  • Navigate to System at the bottom of the panel 
  • On the System pane scroll down until you find the Admins section 
  • Click on Add New Admin button 



On the Add New Admin form fill in the necessary details and assign desired permissions. Once done, click on the Invite button. 



Once created you can adjust notification settings for users. Just click on the target user to open up the Edit Account form.


How to Enable 2FA on Ubiquiti 

Below are the instructions for how to enable 2FA on Ubiquiti, but if you run into any problems, you can always reach out to our team of IT professionals. We’re always happy to help! 

Note: Unifi users are able to configure MFA via this URL https://account.ui.com/security . 
The MFA does NOT push through Group level access – it needs to be done individually by users.  

  • Navigate to Security on the left panel 
  • Click the blue lock at the top to gain access to the Security settings (you will need to authorize this action with your password) 



  • Configure the MFA method that suits you best.  



Got other questions about Ubiquiti? 

Our Ubiquiti IT support in San Diego has got you covered! Here’s a list of all our articles on Ubiquiti so far. If you need personal assistance, we’d be happy to help – reach out to our team of professional IT experts today. 

If you’re curious about other options besides the Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro, here are two articles where you can learn the basics on next level routers that are decent alternatives.  


UDM Pro Quick Guide: How to Enable 2FA on Ubiquiti and Add Users to Unifi Summary 

Once you have followed the instructions above, you should have a decent head start on having a better organized and more secure experience with your Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro and UDM pro user management setup. Delegating different permissions to the users in your organization will reduce any confusion and help your users have a more focused experience.  

Once you know how to enable 2FA on Ubiquiti, you can rest assured that your data is much better safeguarded than it was before. However, there are many other steps you can take to increase your cyber security against the many cyber threats that exist today – contact us to see what else you can do to protect your data. 

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