ACT! IT support graphics
ACT! IT support graphics

Tired of being on the phone with ACT! IT support again and again? Get all the answers you need with our compilation of ACT! resource articles.

Finding a qualified ACT! IT support representative to navigate the platform can be a challenge. We have created several posts for commonly asked questions surrounding ACT! IT support inquiries to help you in a pinch for one of the oldest CRM software platforms out there.

What is ACT! CRM?

CRM stands for ‘customer relationship management’; in other words, the purpose of ACT! CRM is to help small to midsize businesses manage their client base in a way that helps them maintain and grow their clientele.

With its longstanding track record, ACT! is known for its customization features that allow businesses to personalize how they keep track of their tasks and information.

How long has ACT! been around?

ACT! has been around since 1987, founded in Dallas, Texas by a company called Conductor Software. Originally, ACT! was called “Activity Control Technology” before changing to the acronym.

ACT! has switched hands a few times throughout its long history, moving between Symantec Corporation, SalesLogix, Sage, and Swiftpage.

Where have you seen it implemented?

Strangely enough, it was deployed at the Jenny Craig call center 20 years ago for documenting the progress of individuals within their nutrition program. I’ve also seen it in many small mom and pop organizations and some pretty big construction companies before they upgrade to more industry-specific software like Procore.

Are you a fan of ACT!?

Absolutely not, there are so many better options out there as we discussed in our Best CRM Software post (see the section ACT! IT Support Article List below for that link and more).

It’s clunky and hard to navigate, but there’s simply not enough inertia for some organizations not to move on from it.

We are happy to assist with continued support and place the desktop on Azure Virtual desktop or provide ACT! IT support training for the web version.  

How do you backup ACT! CRM?

We recommend that you back up ACT! manually or use the built-in scheduler, but resist using third-party tools – third-party tools are great for second and third copies of the backup files that the ACT! scheduler creates (i.e., backing up to the external drive, local NAS or to the cloud).


  • Only Administrator or Manager level users can make backups.
  • Make sure that if you password protect your backup files that you store the password somewhere it will not get lost.
  • Backup has to be run when no one is using the ACT! database.

Steps for back up:

  1. Go to ACT! > Tools > Scheduler > Create a task
  2. On the ‘Select a Database’ page, use the ‘Browse’ button to choose the database you want your backups to go to and click ‘Open’.
  3. Type in your username and password for the desired database, then click the ‘Next’ button.
  4. You’ll be brought to the ‘Select a Task’ Page – click on Database backup > Next
  5. You’ll then be brought to the ‘Database Backup Options’ page.
  6. Click ‘Browse’ > select the location where you want your automated backups to be saved.
  7. Type in a file name for your default backup, or just leave it named as ‘default’.
  8. Here, you can enable password protection – if you want your backup files password protected, choose the option to enable it and choose a password. Click ‘Next’ – this will bring you to the Backup File Management page.
  9. Select how many backup files you’d like to keep before older files are overwritten. Click ‘Next’.
  10. You’ll be brought to the ‘Set a Schedule’ screen. Select the frequency for your automated backups, then click ‘Next’.
  11. Choose your desired email alert settings for notifications of whether your backup was successful or not.
  12. Save your settings by clicking on ‘Finish’.

For more information, click here or here.

What are the ACT! IT support phone numbers?
  • Whatsapp: +91 – 99459 99459
  • Call centre: +91 – 9121212121, +91 – 7288999999
  • Toll free number: 1800 1022 836


Times: 07:30 AM – 12:00 AM daily

How good is ACT! IT support?

Unfortunately, users give ACT! IT support mixed reviews; some say that they’ve spent hours upon hours on the phone with support without any fix or resolution, whereas others say that the support has been speedy and helpful.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources for you to get all the answers you need without having to waste your time with tech support. Check out our articles below or contact us for personalized assistance.

ACT! IT support article list:

ACT! IT Support Summary

Though it may be one of the oldest CRM’s, that doesn’t make it the best. For anyone using ACT! CRM, we hope the articles we’ve listed above help answer some of your questions. If you need extra support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to talk to one of our professionals!

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