Exchange Setup
Exchange Setup

Exchange setup for Rackspace is fairly easy setup but all the preparation before from prior email accounts and the integration thereafter does require careful thought before proceeding.  Here are some additional Exchange server support links if Rackspace setup services aren’t what you need…

Additional Links:

OutlooExchange server supportk and PST Backup Tips

Purchasing an Exchange Mail Server or Cheaper Alternative

Outlook and Email Hosting Pricing Information (bottom section of link)

A Server Implementation Guide


Preparation for a new email account with Rackspace

You should always start with pruning your email regardless of what email service you choose and what provider serves it.  Email becomes significantly more manageable once the email is pruned.  And by pruned I mean unsubscribing to unnecessary emails and deleting them.  Otherwise, don’t enable forwarding to your new email account from your old email account and consider it a junk mail account.  Read more here.

Backup Outlook

Export your contacts and calendar to a CSV and the email to a PST.  DO NOT TRY TO MODIFY THE EXISTING EMAIL ACCOUNT.  Create a new profile in Outlook for the new Rackspace email.  You will end up breaking accessibility to the old Exchange email account.  That data could be useful later on.

Hosting with Rackspace

The reason people choose Rackspace over other services is the great customer care.   You’ll notice it immediately when calling.  No phone tree and limited hold times.  People tend to go with GoDaddy as a domain registrar and branch out with additional services from there.   Check out the DNS setup if you choose Godaddy as the domain registrar.  Otherwise, let’s get started with the RackSpace links below.



Rackspace Control Panel

Rackspace Cloud Office


Microsoft Exchange Setup

  • Select mailboxes under Microsoft Exchange and edit account information accordingly




Microsoft Outlook Setup

  • The OWA link is Email can be read here.   Alternately, an easier link to remember that will redirect to the above link is
  • Autodiscover should be setup in DNS. Autodiscover allows you to input the email address and password as displayed below.  The email will automatically configure itself from there.  Otherwise, use the following support link to assist with local Outlook desktop setup.


Outlook Autodiscover

Apple Iphone Exchange Email Setup  – Preparation


Please understand this is the default mail application most people use and they are third party apps like Gmail and Outlook app for Iphone.   Please remove the old mail account by going to “settings” on iPhone, “mail”, select “accounts” at the top, and select the account you wish to delete if you are in fact using this app.



iPhone Settings



Apple Iphone Exchange Email Setup

Note: The images in this article show iPhone 5 running iOS 7. Though screens on other iOS devices will differ, the process is the same.



On the home screen of your device, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account

Iphone Email Setup



Exchange Setup for Rackspace

Understand CSV files for contacts, PSTs from prior email, and a basic understanding of email setup will reduce migration time significantly.


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