Want to create your own file sharing service in the cloud for your organization?   Do you a need freemium data sharing recommendation among-st your clients or within your own internal organization?   What works best for you?  Do you need some remote access ideas on how to integrate your own file service or cloud system?

Remote File Server Access
There are plenty of ways for an organization to have remove file server access.  We created a post for port forwarding a Synology file server for you to have remote access to your Synology file server.  This is one of our preferred for a very small business(under 20) to have access to their files remotely.

Mobile device access
-Instant access to documents at your fingertips on the road using Dropbox, Box,  Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Drive and an on-site hosted solution called  Synology CloudStation Drive.

Work at home solutions for file sharing services
-VPN or tunneling allows your computer to act like it’s at work but remote desktop sharing may be a less eye gouging experience. Alternatively, file sync solutions is increasingly is becoming the de facto standard.  You will most need a router like Sonicwall for the most optimized VPN solution.

Additional applications beyond our Synology file server example for individuals to remote into.
 Synology Photo Station for legacy users still using PhotoStation to backup and view their photos
Synology Moments for the revised, upgraded, and more user friendly tool for backups and photo viewing.
– Check out our LogMeIn post if you are looking for a way for your whole team to remotely connect into their office PCs or alternately have your IT team provide remote support services.

A Cautionary Tale on Accessing Your Internal Network Data with your own On-Site File Server

Read more what about needs to be done on your own router for providing remote support services for products that you or your team want access to from anywhere around the world.  This is like leaving a window open on the second floor of a house.  It may be difficult but not impossible for some malicious individual to get in.  VPN is the preferred  secure route for tunneling into your home.  VPN simply requires more effort to setup and use.

Anyway,  carry on below if you want to port forward services for basic services where serious security is not #1.  The majority of users will be fine if you not a big target for hacking, simply change the admin account to something other name along with the password, enable 2FA, and don’t open port 3389 for RDP services.

Understanding Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding allows you to see services like Synology products from running on your LAN and enabled for remote connectivity from anywhere.  Basically, remote access something from say like Europe if you securely port forward the service you has in mind.  Here’s a generic list of items to port forward from our favorite device called a Synology NAS or file server.

  1. Port Forwarding

Below are the default ports for Synology services. Please note: It is always recommended to change the default ports. Also, the less ports you have to open on your firewall, the more secure your organization is.

Firewall Remote Access Ports

Remote Access Support

You can bypass port forwarding setup on your router if you proceed with Synology’s Quick Connect.  We don’t recommend Quick Connect. Otherwise, consider what services you need open from the list above. We are steadily building a list of remotely accessible port forwarding setup instructions.

Ports can be test if you enabled the server service and poke the hole in the firewall by using the following website:


The following are the most common remote support services applications within a small business or home office network:


  • Remote Desktop:  VNC, ShowMyPC, Join.me, Logmein Central, Microsoft RDC
  • File Sharing:  Synology Diskstation, Box, Dropbox
  • Photo Sharing:  DiskStation Photo.  This is great for photographers and job sites in the construction industry


LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is the portal used for accessing remote desktops, workstations, and servers.

ProTip!  Using logmein.com/logmein.msi from your web browser for downloading and executing the logmein installation file.  Also, make sure sleep mode is disabled as illustrated below if you are trying to work on computer after hours.


Remote Access Support



Join.me provides instant access for conducting meetings or remote presentations. It’s pretty intuitive for most novice users but it can be frustrating to use if you provide IT support.



File Sharing Service Summary


There are plenty of options out there and it can get a bit overwhelming to consider one.  Maybe a more traditional file server is what you are ultimately looking for but DropBox may be good for now.    Take all things considered and utilize the best solution for you.


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