Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support
Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support

The Fujitsu N7100 – PA03706-B205 has the ability to send scan images (PDF or Tif files) of paper documents via it’s touch screen and choose between one of six workstations individual share folders per menu.  In a medical organization, this will allow individuals, medical assistants, and Physician Assistants to grab data off their computer’s shared folder and add the scanned PDF to a patient chart.  In an eclinicalworks environment, this will allow the healthcare employees to scan to their computer and attach documents to patient records within eCW.  You cannot however initiate the scan remotely using this particular network scanner.  It does offer other fancy features such FTP to a remote desktop session and SharePoint uploading but these features are used less frequently by the public.

WARNING:  This product while wildly popular is not on the eClinicalworks hardware compatibility list.


Document Setup

The Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support is only as good as your documentation.  It’s critical to have the part number, serial number, support number, static IP address, and other pertinent information recorded in your password database file and info sheet for you to support your Fujitsu N7100 in the future.


Fujitsu N7100 Installation Wizard

Select all options except Scanner Central Admin Server for a pretty basic environments.  A large provider group like a hospital may be the only situation where you would select the Scanner Central Admin Server.


Workgroup or Domain

Domain is preferred.  However, you may not be a domain or you may be on Microsoft Azure AD; and that’s wimpy Active Directory domain rather than full blown Windows AD hosted locally.


Login Settings

  • LDAP to local
  • Auto Login is turned off until the end of this setup
    • Default is good.
  • Enable “guest account”
  • Logout = Never

Create or utilize a service account for the network scanner to authenticate with a share folder on someone’s workstation or server.


Static IP Address

Find out the DHCP scope, scan, and ping network for free IP addresses.  Then resolve to your local DNS.  The local DNS settings can be found through the command prompt “ipconfig /all”.   Save all your setting to complete the first stage of network setup.   Finally, take a moment to document on your password manager and info sheet.

Network Scanner Setup

In order to setup a network scanner, you need the hostname of the computer you are going to send scan to.

Domain Environment

Figure out the service account name for the scanner to authenticate with each workstation.  We used the service account called “nurse” from the illustration above.   You may have to create a service account in your AD environment or ask your IT administrator if we already one.   You will need the same user/password to authenticate to if you are in a workgroup environment.  Make sure the share folder is set to set to full control check marked for “everyone” on the folder.  See below.  Then secure the NTFS permissions.  The default settings should work

ProTip!  Spelling is critical.  Proofread the share name for access remotely.  \\computername\scans


Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support

Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support






Test share with your computer first then configure the network scanner after you are able to write to the share folder.



Workgroup Environment (Ignore this step if you are in a domain environment)

Ask your IT administrator what is the service account if you are in a workgroup environment.   Make sure it is an administrator account.  Typically, we place the shared scan folder on the Documents\scans location on the staff profile.

Make you place full control on the share folder. Lock permission down at the “security” level.


Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support



Test the share from another computer.  Then have someone run a scan on the network computer if you already configured the Fujitsu or Kyocera for sending to the share.  For first time setup, please proceed to the next step of the nework scanner setup process.


Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support






Fujitsu Scanning 2nd Phase Setup and Failures – FI Scanner Admin Tool Interace

The send feature will not work until you use IE to remote the devices IP, download the admin software tool, and configure for scanner setup.  The Scanner Admin Tool will also help confirm scanner settings when a scanner error occurs and the page does not scan to the share folder.  Most connectivity problems are permissions issues or simply misconfigured the button for the wrong workstation.  Make sure the scanner is logged out before proceed with the admin tool software.  Again, please use Internet Explorer and enable compatible mode for continuing the configuration of your Fujitsu Network Scanner.  Download the “Network Scanner Admin Tool” if you haven’t already done so.  It is recommended to install it on the dedicated IT console computer if you have one and or one main computer that is constantly using the Network Scanner.


Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support

See the password database management file for additional notes.  Use notes below for first time setup and additional troubleshooting.


Sending Network Scans –  Setup

This network scan device is similar to a MFP setup but it’s designed to be a superfast dedicated scanner.  For more detailed instructions, load the Network Scanner Admin Tool, and download the operators guide.  Then select section 4.13 – Setting Folders for Saving Scanned Data.


Step 1 – Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support

Scroll through the left hand field until you arrive at the “save” section.  Select the “network folder” and create the “scans” share and authenticate with the nurse service account.  Repeat step 1 for the remaining network folders to add to the list.

ProTip!  The alias is a friendly name for you to associate shares once you get to the “Job Menu Settings”


Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support

default admin\password

Step 1 – Fi-6010 Network Document Scanner

To add network folder for new machine:




  • “scanner settings”  (top column)
  • “network Settings”(second column)
  • “network folder”  (left pane)

**Delete button for new network path***

Add new button, do not try to edit except if it’s a button name change

Make sure you change the alias to a more location friendly name.

Step 2 – Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support (similar setup on Fi-6010) – Job Menu Settings

Setting up “scanner settings”  under “Job Menu Settings”


Note:  Before you start creating job buttons, make sure you have your destinations already set up.

Ex:  Share folders, printers, SMPT for email etc.

  1. Create your Job Sequences (Job buttons):a.Click on “Job Menu Settings” next to “Scanner Settings”.
    b. Click on the “Job Sequences” tab.
    c. Click “New”

Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support






Real-world “job name” example illustrated below.  Use the hostname of the computer.

Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support









Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Supportd.  Enter a Job Name. ie NureStation1

e.  Set any of your “common settings”. ***Skip this typically***
f. Set any of your “Scan Settings”.  PDF file type is set by default.   Skip “scan settings” unless changing the file format to TIF. I highly recommend you do for better performance.

g. Select a Job Item from the list. Example:  Save:

h. Click Browse.  Choose a share folder.

i.Click “OK”.

If you want to force the authentication, enter User name and Password.

Note that User Name may require the domain as follows:

If the Domain is “FCPA” and User is JSmith with a password of “Password”, use the following:
User name:    FCPA\JSmith

Password:       Password

Workgroup Setup Credentials (i)



h. If you have another job item for this button, select another job item. Note that most job buttons only use a single job item.  ***Typically, “save” is the only “job item”

i. Click “OK”.

j. If you have multiple job buttons, create a sequence for each through step 1.

  1. Add the Job Sequence to a Job Menu:

 Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support

Click on the “Job Menus” tab.

a. Create a new or edit a Job Menu. Each Job Menu can hold up to 6 Job Sequences (buttons).
b. If you are “Creating” a Job Menu, enter a Job Menu Name.
c. Select an empty job button slot (1-6) and click “Edit”.
d. Enter a job button name. This is the name that the Job button will show on the screen.
e. You can change the Pixmap (color) of the button.
f. Click on the Job Name (Sequence) that you are adding.
g. Click ‘OK’.
h. You will now see the Job button in the list of six possible buttons. You can add up to six Job Buttons to any one Job Menu.
i. You can use the arrows to change the order of the Job Buttons.
j. Click on OK to Save the Job Menu.


 Real World “Job Menu List” illustrated below.  More details discussed below.

Scroll through more buttons setup is located in “Job Groups” under “scanner settings”

 Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support









  1. Assign who can see the Job Menu in “Job Groups”:
    1. Real world illustration below this picture. Typically, you only tweak the setup of the default “job Group”


 Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Supporta. Click on the “Job Groups” tab.
b. Note: The Job Group named “Default Group” is only for the Guest account.  You cannot make this Group visible to LDAP or Local accounts. Currently only the N1800 supports Local accounts.
c. Click on “New”.
d. Enter a name for the Job Group Name
e. Under “Assign the Following Job Menu”, click “Select…”

Select the “Job Menu” from the list for this “Job Group”.
Click “OK”

h. Decide if the User will be able to see the Multi-Function screen or not. The Multi-Function screen is the one with the default scanning buttons such as ‘Save’, ‘Email’, ‘Print’ etc…
If you want the user to only see the Job butons, select “Job Only”.
If you want the user to see both, select which one is the default screen, the “Multi-Function Menu” or the “Job Menu”.

Group Member Settings: If you do not select anything in this group, the Job menu will not show up for any user logging in. Select the users you want to access the Job Menu:

Check “Include Guest account as a member” to have this menu show up for the “Guest” account.
Check “Include all Local accounts as a member” to have this menu show up for all Local Accounts (Currently N1800 only).
Check “Include all LDAP accounts as a member” to have this menu show up for all LDAP users.
To limit the users by LDAP, do not enable any of the check boxes and click on the “Edit” button. Here an admin can limit access to the Job Menu to  specific LDAP users or groups..
-Click on the “OK” button to save the Job Group.
-Create a Job Group for each Job Menu.


Real-World Job Group List:

Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support

Once all Job Sequences, Menus and Groups are created, a user should be able to log in to the scanner and scroll through all assigned job menus for that account by clicking on the arrow icon on the top left corner of the screen.

ProTip! We don’t think user authentication is necessary to scan paper.  Setup guest\guest for default authentication into the scanner.







Finishing Touches


Adjust the login settings and backup your configuration.  Update the firmware if there are any issues with your setup.

Here is the downloads page for additional Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support and Drivers

Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support







Step 3 – Clinicalworks Document Scanning and Attachment Setup

Go to Documents in eCW, Patient Documents, and view the big window for “Document Category”

Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support


*Delete the documents after attaching to Patient or Staff









Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support Summary

The information provided here in this post should be sufficient for setup and on-going troubleshooting support.  Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner Support phone number for reaching their help desk is as follows:

Support # 800-626-4686


Ask for tier 2 support if you are not getting anywhere with the level one support team.


  1. Manny Vasquez May 15, 2019 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    Is it not possible to setup an auto login for the scanner when it is not domain joined? We do not want to domain join the scanner and I need for the auto login to work. Every time I set a username and password I get an error that it is incorrect. Also Guest login will not work. Please advise

    • Mike May 23, 2019 at 1:45 am - Reply

      We have autologin for workgroup setups. Please review the documentation and call Fujitsu support if you are still struggling.

      • Mike April 16, 2023 at 10:17 pm - Reply

        8a – 5p (Fujitsu Tech Support)

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