Many requests come in from our GoDaddy Office 365 accounts in regards to new domain setup, specifically with GoDaddy Office 365 Exchange Email Setup.  Go under the main GoDaddy account and scroll through all products to query the domain in question.  Add email “Email and Office” from the products section once the domain is confirmed.  Then click “add user” from the “Manage All” button to buy what is most likely a GoDaddy Office 365 Business Premium or a Premium Security user account.  NOTE: Premium Security is NOT available under the “Add User” button; you have to go to the web link listed above since it is a discounted package including archiving and encryption.


Scroll further down this page if you simply need to forward a user’s email.


Online Archiving Quirks – How a deleted O365 user or mailbox affects Archiving  

If a user is deleted in O365, all of their previously archived mail will still be be in the Sonian account. The journal-ling rule sends all mail from and to the organization to the Sonian account, regardless of the user in the organization with which it is associated,  and it will remain there until the Sonian account itself is deleted.  The Sonian account (GoDaddy’s Outsourced Online Archiving) will be deleted if you delete all mailboxes within the GoDaddy Office 365 Domain.

The archive doesn’t allow you to delete or lose any emails they are recorded on the archive servers panel anytime and email is sent or received allowing for you to always have record of everything nothing can be deleted out of the archive either. Basically the archive is a non-changing permanent record of all email that that email box has ever sent or received in email.

Email Archiving Center  AKA Sonian

Enhanced Exchange O365 Control Panel

Go to “mailboxes” after logging in to the admin account for that domain, select the user, and select “disable Exchange ActiveSync” for terminating users and disabling access to their devices.


Document any new domains under your main Godaddy account into network info sheet.  Create new password database file for any new clients or for internal use for your organization to reference.  Use the spreadsheet to confirm and make absolutely sure you know what service you are getting.



ProTip!  You are purchasing a Business Premium user account that are used  across all domains for this GoDaddy customer account.  You may be able to recycle an old account rather than purchase a new one.

GoDaddy Business Premium is listed $10mo below.  Recycle quote template to lay out all options and present to client when ready to pull the trigger; and request CC information.

Q and A – Email Session

Are they migrating email host providers?  It is important to ask the right questions.

Terms Name of New User Email Adddress Archvie Account Active User Account or Disable DNS Hosted by Client? DNS Hosted By Their Client? Mailbox Annual Price Notes
1 year *Premium Security O365 *Set alias to who’s email?
*Registrar info for setting up DNS
*Password theme?



***The current email host is not important unless you need to migrate email data.  The registrar info is important because we need to change it’s DNS to GoDaddy but keep www pointed to whoever is hosting the website.

***Some client’s have their client continue to host the DNS.  Read this post for this scenario.


GoDaddy New Domain Email Hosting Quote –  Office 365 Mailboxes
Terms Name Email Archive Account Active Account Mailbox Annual Price Notes
1 year Eddy S Yes Yes $132                     Premium Security
Anastasia H Yes Yes $132         Set alias on Anastasia email
***Alias No             Set Alias on Eddy Email


Resume Adding Email User Account

Do you have extra or available user accounts?  Go back to the browser tab for “Email and Office” and click “Add User” again.


 GoDaddy Office 365 Exchange Email Setup

GoDaddy Office 365 Admin Center

 Select the admin and users section of Office 365 admin center to change user information..  Go to GoDaddy console for adding users if utilizing GoDaddy as the email host provider for Office 365.


Admin Center – Add Alias

Again, login to the Office Admin Center AKA the Office 365 Microsoft Portal and select  users followed by alias as displayed below.  Additional directions can be found here.


Build out Google InfoSheet and Keepass

Do not walk away from this setup without good notes to back it up.  Lay out a spreadsheet of helpful bread crumbs to help staff who will follow in your foot steps and store passwords in your password database program.



Forward Email from GoDaddy Office 365

Sign into the user account that needs their email forwarded.


Godaddy Office 365 forward email







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