Banking in Mexico as a foreigner
Banking in Mexico as a foreigner

How long does it take to install business internet? In this article, we’ll tell you what to expect for getting your business’ internet up and running. 

All of us have experienced business internet that went down within our office environment. It can be completely devastating to worker productivity. How does one rebound quickly from this mess?  

Obviously, there’s a quick call to the IT guy who, depending on their familiarity with the network, may or may not have an immediate answer.  

Let’s go with the assumption that they don’t have a solution due to the problem residing on the ISP, or perhaps they have management capabilities over the internet circuit and the router. Either way, your team is dead in the water. The delay, headache, and loss of revenue leads us to the question of, how do we avoid this situation in the future? How do we manage our own business internet circuit?  

The answer is obvious, but the solution tends to be delayed over weeks and possibly months. 

How long does it take to install business internet?

Firstly, the answer depends on what business internet circuit – the fastest one to implement is a wireless one. Yup, sure we have hotspots we can tether to in a pinch, but a more secure, robust, and compatible option for all your onsite infrastructure is to have a dedicated wireless internet circuit.  

MiFi’s and other business grade wireless solutions have been around forever as a backup internet circuit, but these little units are making strides for some organizations as the primary option for receiving your business internet because of the reduced cost and the buildout of the 5G wireless network – that means a faster and more reliable solution. 

Check 5G Availability: 

What if 5G wireless is not an option for our business? 

Unfortunately, business wireless internet cannot be implemented due to the lack of 5G wireless internet infrastructure in certain regions. So what’s the next best option? 

How long does it take to install business internet utilizing traditional internet services? 

It all depends on the type of business internet circuit you request from your local internet service provider. I don’t care what region you are in, coax internet services remain the cheapest option, pretty damn reliable, and fast for most small businesses. 

Types of Business Internet Circuits – Broadband Internet

Whether it be coax/cable or fiber-based, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to install when the provider is on-net. For planning purposes on future sites, I tell customers to place their order 30 days in advance, and so they have the option to push out the install date if it approaches too quickly. Broadband includes cable/coax (like Spectrum, Comcast, and Cox’s CBI), and fiber broadband (like AT&T’s ABF, Cox’s CFI, or Lumen’s Fiber+). 


  • Coax is the cheapest option, and is still pretty fast but not always available. Try an alternative coax provider if one denies you service availability, I.e., Cox or Spectrum AKA Time Warner.
    • $65
  • ATT Dedicated Fiber
    • $416 backed by an SLA.
  • Cox Dedicated Fiber
    • $245/mo with a 46-month agreement
    • What’s the SLA?
  • Wireless 5G
    • I want to switch from business to this once I find a modem for a modest price.

It can take anywhere from 60-120+ days when the provider is on-net. When considering how long does it take to install business internet, it’s important to think about factors that can affect install times are construction, capacity/network/gear upgrades, Right of Entry/Property Manager issues, and city permits, for example. 

About On-Net

On-net may sound confusing, but it basically means that there is fiber in or near the building. The 90-day installation time is because even in an on-net building, an upgrade may be required if there is not enough capacity for the new circuit. Or, even if the fiber doesn’t seem that far, the property owner may have to be engaged for ROE and trenching. The bottom line is that fiber installation times can vary.

After a fiber contract is signed, the first major milestone is the site survey which will determine what construction is needed, if any, and then we’ll have a tentative install date. This date is usually pretty accurate and can be used for planning purposes. The site survey usually happens 2-3 weeks after signing.

How much are the costs to maintain and install business internet?

We gathered some helpful illustrations from all the common internet service providers in the San Diego region. I imagine similar costs for similar services can be found in other regions too.

Spectrum Coax
Cox Dedicated Private Fiber 

Here is the Cox CFI pricing again, plus a few notes: 

  • Install timeframe- estimated 3 weeks. 
  • The NRC is waived on a 3-year term.  
  • Two columns below- 24 and 36 month terms. 
  • All speeds are symmetrical. 

This product is a big step above cable Internet, but below Dedicated private fiber. 


AT&T ADI – dedicated fiber, also called DIA. This is the best type of service you can get because it is backed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement) so it is not “best-efforts.” The downside is that install time is usually around 90 days. 

Extra business IT resources

How Long Does It Take to Install Business Internet? Summary 

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it seems. Installation time can depend on things like the type of internet circuit and whether the site is an on-net building or not. If you’d like to get more information from our group of professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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