create users in office 365
create users in office 365

This guide not only helps prunes down licenses and helps with the termination of users but also helps create users in Office 365 as well as create users in Azure AD.  We also created a Microsoft 365 break down for individuals needing more background to Microsoft’s modern IT product suite offerings.  This includes more high level information on Azure AD.

About Office 365

As of 2021, most small business utilize either Microsoft Business Basic or Microsoft Business Premium for conducting most basic business activities.   Please utilize the branding break down link above for any additional information.

Time Saving Questions for new or terminated employees

Please apply responses to your password database.  Then proceed with the Azure AD account setup.

Azure AD free account

Microsoft generates a free Azure AD account once a Microsoft Business 365 account is created at .   The Azure AD account is incredibly useful for central user authentication and identification management.  To learn more about Identity Management, go to the following post How to setup and log in Windows 10 to Azure AD – Network Antics

How to Navigate the Admin Center

As discussed above, the new user should be created at the Microsoft Admin Center using the following link

create office 365 user







Office 365 – Product Licenses

Additional license will be required if your organization is expanding.

We also want to remove any unnecessary subscription licenses while managing the adding and removing of users.


Time Saving Questions for new or terminated employees


Evaluating Licenses and Navigating Microsoft Global Admin Portals 

1) Evaluate what licenses are being utilized for the organizations

2) Microsoft 365 Business Basic is used for this organization

3) The following locations are used heavily for IT Global Admins with both Business Basic and Premium license

Creating Office 365 users











Forwarding Emails

This section needs to be updated


How to create users in Office 365 and Azure AD Summary


Computer Setup

You are now ready to proceed to the actual computer profile setup.

How to create users in Office 365 and Azure AD Summary

Azure AD:

Hosted O365 Resources:

Exchange or Mail Locally Hosted On-Site Resources:

Hosted or Local Hosted Links:

Additional Resources:

You cannot get 6y log retention within Office 365/Azure AD. For that long a period, you will either have to export/store the logs in your own database, or use one of the third-party tools that offer this.

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