Label contacts in PipeDrive
Label contacts in PipeDrive

An organized business is a happy business. Learn how to label contacts in Pipedrive to keep your sales and business running smoothly.

To save time in sales, it is great to be able to easily pull up or sort information on your customers or prospects.  

PipeDrive’s ‘Contact Labels’ allow you to organize your contacts into categories that are specific to your company’s needs and sales workflow. Making sure that you label contacts in PipeDrive is an easy way to define a relationship so that you know exactly how to query a contact on the fly.

Filtering Contacts

If you’re going to label contacts in PipeDrive, you’ll also want to learn how to find your different categories of contacts. To search for contacts with a specific tag or label, you can use the Filters in the Contact’s list view.  

To do this, select the Filter dropdown menu and click ‘add new filter’. From there, you can select whatever conditions are needed to perform your search, such as a specific label.

Take note that, unfortunately, there is not a way to change a Contact to a Lead with Pipedrive. Leads can only be converted to Deals and vice versa.

Create Labels

PipeDrive comes with its own default labels for contacts, but being able to customize categories is a huge bonus and may even be necessary for your particular business.  

Labeling opportunities or prospective projects 

When flagging opportunities in PipeDrive, is it better to use the “projects” section or to create my own label, I.e. prospective project?  

In this case, we recommend that you create the Labels in the Deals page. Be aware that each contact can only have one label at a time. If you want to add other labels, you’ll need to add a single-option custom field. 

Also note that the projects tab is a completely different tool. You can find more information about that feature here.

How to label contacts in PipeDrive

To add a label to a new contact, click on the dropdown menu under ‘label’ to assign one of PipeDrive’s preexisting labels to the contact. 

For preexisting contacts or organizations, you can click on the ‘labels’ icon in the list view or detail view to assign or change a label. 

Lead Generation Tools

LeadBooster is an add-on that assists its users in conversion, lead acquisition, and management. To get the LeadBooster Add-on, you’ll need to add it to your subscription. Included in the LeadBooster subscription are four tools: Chatbot, Live Chat, Web Forms, and Prospector. 

PipeDrive’s lead generation tool, Prospector, is a database that gives you the capability to find new leads from 10 million companies and 400 million profiles. 

Contacts in Prospector

Prospector is part of the LeadBooster add-on. Prospector is an outbound lead generation tool that will allow you to search for and gather high-quality leads based on set criteria.  

When you get the trial for the LeadBooster add-on, you will receive 10 free Prospector credits to try out the feature. When paying for LeadBooster you will also receive 10 Prospector lead credits monthly at no additional cost. Learn more about it here. 

After entering a search query, Prospector will display all organizations and contacts that match your requirements. You can then choose to add these potential leads to your Leads Inbox to start engaging with them right away. 


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How to Quickly Label Contacts in PipeDrive Summary

Every business needs a good system and even better organization to keep things running smoothly. When you label contacts in PipeDrive, it’s important to keep in mind how your particular business distinguishes its customers/clients and what those relationships require. Depending on what your needs are, you may want to also consider using PipeDrive’s lead generation tools to jumpstart your businesses’ clientele base. Contact us if you have any questions!

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