Many of you heard by the T-Mobile hack affecting prospective, former and current mobile users that occurred recently.  There’s a really good chance that the keys to your kingdom have been stolen.  Approximately, 53 million are affected going back 18 years.  It’s a bit odd mobile carriers would retain 18 years’ worth of client data is beyond me but I digress.  In this how to post, we provide links and contact information for how to secure your credit report.

The hack exposed names, Social Security Number, and birth data.  Another batch of data included IMEI (serial # of your phone) and IMSI number tied to user phones.   Attackers can use this as a starting point to take control of the victim’s phone lines.  Ie clone your SIM card.

Best Free Pro-Active Credit Fraud Prevention Solution

With the service called Credit Lock, you can lock and unlock your TransUnion and Equifax credit report whenever you see fit, in a matter of seconds.  This will prevent a Sandra Bullock “The Net” stolen identity scenario from playing out.  The lock on the account prevents something like a new Macy’s account creation from occurring.

Free Transunion and Equifax Lock but not Experian

The main reason you request a “Credit Report Lock” and not freeze is locks are permanent but can easily unlocked by the consumer who owns the credit report.  Freezes are known for having a 24-hour delay; and the freeze may be temporary unbeknownst to you.    Anyway, I’ve been assured by Experian that this is not the case.  Regardless, I have provided a slew of links and information for you to pursue the free lock on Transunion and Equifax credit reports.  I also provided Experian links for hopefully quick access to freeze/unfreeze your credit report too.

Equifax – How to Secure your Credit Report


Sign up –  Lock and Alert – Credit Report 

Login – Lock & Alert – Free Service

Lock & Alert – Sign In (

Account Sign Up Issues?

Equifax Consumer Care – Lock and Alert Department – Live Person!!

888 548-7878

Transunion – How to Secure your Credit Report

Sign Up – True Identity free ID protection – Lock Credit Report

Login – True Identity – Free Service

TransUnion “Lock credit report” not freeze hotline # 888-909-8872

Additional Transunion Services:

Activating your Credit Lock Service is available during the following hours.

Monday-Saturday, 4 a.m.-11 p.m. CST
Sunday, 5 a.m.-11 p.m. CST

877-874-2895  Transunion Online Interactive Department


Experian – How to Secure your Credit Report

Experian does not offer a free lock service.


Freeze Experian – Free Service

Unfreeze – Free Service

Experian Additional Services

Freeze # 1 888 397 3742 (No live person)

Experian Free Membership & Live Chat Support  (Live person!!!)


How to Secure your Credit Report Summary

While you’re at it you might as well opt out of promotional solicitations from credit unions too  Finally, do not use SMS text messages for Two Factor authentication.  The hack exposes your number and a hacker can easily spoof your number to get into your account.  Please use an MFA authenticator software like Authy for providing all your multi-factor authentication.

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