How to Setup a Zoom Video Conference Room

Setup for a Zoom Conference Room can range from a vey basic USB camera pointing to whomever is presenting to some very elaborate setups.  We broke down the typical room costs when gathering quotes from an audio video specialist.

  • Small PC based video conference: $10 – 18k
  • Mid-range presentation rooms with Enterprise Video Conferencing: $23 – 39k
  • Video Wall solutions: $30 – 85k

Zoom Conference Room Audio Video Specialist Typical Job Cycle

They typical proposal is a week, clarification 2 weeks, and design build schedule published 6 to 7 weeks.

Zoom Conference Room Audio Video Specialist Vision

To provide reliable and easy to use solutions that simply user experience


Why Zoom?

They are the most flexible (works on anything) and most commonly used (amongst the hip crowd) conferencing product out there.


What we as an IT company scrapped together as our low budget and easy to use solution


The hardware alone is between $6000 and $7000.  You can subtract a TV to save an extra $1500 but then you can’t see your remote team.


Ok, I’m still interested.  Tell Me More.

For a USB conference room that sits 7-13 people we recommend 2 TV displays, a single HD PTZ camera and three MXL AC-360-Z table-top microphones with a sound-bar that all connects to the Zoom Rooms PC , Mac or Chromebox. The majority of equipment is wall mounted behind the displays allowing for easy access and installation.

An iPad at the table is used as a room controller along with another optional iPad at the door as the room scheduling display.

How to Setup a Zoom Video Conference Room

For this 7 – 13 DIY setup.  Is left TV for viewing  the other team and individual user cameras?   Is the right for the power point?  Is the presentation controlled from the Ipad?  Do these features cost extra?  Zoom basic vs something fancy?




Zoom Conference Room Hardware Requirements

Display Components

Approximately $1000ea TV, $200ea Wall Mount, $300ea Mount Pull Out


Approximately $1100



Audio Components

Approximately $500ea, $6, $400, $200


Approximately $1200 for Mac Mini Option

Approximately $800 for PC

Controller & Accessories

Approximately $500

Room Scheduler (Optional)

Cables and Supplies

Approximately $100


How to Setup a Zoom Video Conference Room









Looking to install camera above the conference table?


What about large capacity rooms where attendees participate in Q&A?

Get some microphones that you can turn on and off.


Need an IP conference room with out all the jazz?


Yealink CP960 ip conference phone


How can we make it a cheaper roll out if we are still in the construction phase.

Two words, ring and string.  Ring string from behind the TVs to left base floor (height of an outlet), ring and string above (ceiling) and below center of conference table.


How to Setup a Zoom Video Conference Room Summary

The Zoom Video Conference Room components are all off the shelf items at Fry’s or Amazon.  You can save quite a bit of money following this guide and utilizing a couple handy resources to get your Zoom Video Conference Rooom going by yourself.


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