hubspot integrations with wordpress
hubspot integrations with wordpress

Hunting for the perfect CRM for you? Get the inside scoop on Hubspot integrations with WordPress, what makes it different, and how to get started.

In recent years, the landscape of customer relations has been shifting more rapidly than ever before. According to recent studies, consumers are putting more value on the quality of their experience as opposed to things like prices or demand. For businesses, this emerging value of quality experiences means that maintaining a personalized and thoughtful customer relationship is key to growth and success. 

Because of these changes, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software) and the effective usage of them are more important than ever. The entire goal of CRMs is to help businesses track and manage their relationships with their customers so that they can develop know, like, and trust with the current and potential clientele. CRMs give businesses  huge advantage because it allows them to be more efficient and streamlined in their interactions (imagine knowing your customer’s interests and issues they need help solving before having a meeting with them – it’s an enormous leg up).

While there are many CRM options to choose from, we’ll be discussing one of the popular CRMs, Hubspot. In this article, you’ll learn about Hubspot integrations with WordPress and how to get business started with them. 

What is Hubspot? 

Founded in 2005, Hubspot is a cloud-based CRM platform that provides users with tools to amplify their sales, marketing, services, integrations, and more. Their platform is broken down into different ‘hubs’: the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub. One of the benefits of Hubspot is that you can purchase these hubs individually, meaning that you don’t have to spend on any more than what is needed for your business.  

Hubspot was created by two graduates from MIT who noticed that customer relationships were shifting from being ‘sold’ on something to being ‘helped’ with something. So, aside from its focus on meaningful customer relationships, it also touts a customizable and intuitive experience for its users. 

Who uses Hubspot? 

Hubspot is used by over 4,000 companies, including Trustpilot, Yousign, Accenture, and Mollie. In terms of industry, its features are best utilized by business-to-consumer or business-to-business companies such as those in sale, marketing, retail, real estate, or construction. Typically, these are businesses that are looking for a platform that can comprehensively track sales, marketing, customer service, and customer data. 

Hubspot integrations with WordPress: Freemium Model

Hubspot’s appeal is its freemium tools. You can get going with Hubspot integrations with WordPress by downloading the plugin and integrating Live Chat, Contact Forms, Surveys, and calendaring all for free.   

Live Chat

I loved the automation of the automated chat statement for people entering your website and utilizing the Live Chat feature. The prospective client can answer an automated questionnaire to see if they qualify as a good fit for our client base. The best part is that most of us used to wait by the computer to have this Live Chat, the Hubspot Live Chat app can be downloaded to your phone to notify you of chat sales inquiries or whatever you are promoting. 

Contact Forms

Obviously, half the battle is pandering to people‘s attention on a website. Not having the site aesthetically set up to convince them to fill out a form or click for Live Chat assistance is going to leave your organization with plenty of missed opportunities. The contact forms are pretty robust compared to PipeDrive and other CRMs who have similar plugins.  


Questionnaires or surveys are an easy way to engage a client you want to gain more information about or who would not be providing feedback. This is another robust free feature, comparatively speaking, to its competitors.  The ability to use a combination of radio button selections and fillable fields makes it an appealing choice for budgetminded people and much larger organizations 

Calendaring plus Teams & Zoom Integrations 

No marketing and sales platform is complete without setting the meeting. If you don’t have the prospect attending the meeting, you can’t close the deal. Hubspot’s Calendly knockoff has a beautiful free integration with your favorite meeting software.    

The sales team can set availability and blackout days that are not meeting days. The best part is that the client not only receives the meeting invite once they select a time of their choosing, but the sales meeting is automatically populated to their Outlook or Gsuite calendar. 

How to utilize the data?

Like Hubspot integrations with WordPress, any good CRM should be flexible enough to integrate with tools that can easily sell and market your business or robust enough that it already contains the features you need.  

While the Sale Sequencing features that are a part of the Sales Hub add-on component are great, I have serious grievances on the overall layout of the data. Same with Marketing Hub. Both are a bit expensive long term and the platform’s navigation is challenging. 

All the contacts accumulated from the freemium model do not populate with their original sales inquiries in one interface. Not to mention, it’s just a really hard-to-read interface if you are using it full time.  

This all goes back to the question, what is the point of the CRM? Even though the point is to build relationships, it will quickly become frustrating if you, as a sales professional, have to jump around the platform to get the information you need and create follow-up procedures. The simpler your platform is, the more efficient all your interactions will be.

How to Get Started with Hubspot Integrations with WordPress

First and foremost, I’d recommend inquiring about pricing if you are all in with Hubspot. While I am personally not enamored by it, there’s a reason Hubspot owns such a large share of the market. There are even more features if you build your website in the Hubspot CMS. This requires you to migrate from your current Content Management System like WordPress or Square to Hubspot.   

To learn more about Hubspot integrations with WordPress and other platforms, check out the HubSpot Academy courses Leveraging Automation in Marketing Starter and Understanding the Sales Hub Starter Tools. You probably don’t need to watch the whole thing, but it will give you a good idea of the tools available in the Starter tools (I.e.,. putting someone manually into marketing emails). 

The Marketing Hub Starter product page and Sales Hub Starter product page will also give an overview of the features available. 

What is included in the Starter tools? 

Generally, the Starter tools will provide some basic functionality around email marketing, forms, tracking deals, etc. The Professional tools are where it steps into an all-in-one sales & marketing platform that can enable you to automate a lot of your outreach, manage all your marketing channels in one place, etc.  

The Marketing Hub Professional Reference Guide and Sales Hub Professional Reference Guide provide good overviews of the tools available in those.

Also, check out the Automate your processes page in our Knowledge Base for some guidance on the more common automations (Workflows is the Professional-level feature that would enable you to automate a lot of your followups). 

Bonus Resources  for CRMs and Business IT

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Hubspot Integrations with WordPress: Pros, Cons, and How to Get Started Quickly Summary 

Hubspot’s features allow its users to connect to their customers through a cohesive and customizable platform. Even though Hubspot integrations with WordPress can get a little pricey for small businesses, having good management of customer data and leads can be well worth the price for some. As with many business decisions, it’s most important that you know the needs of your business before committing to something that may not work for you. As always, if you need any assistance with Hubspot or its integrations, contact us today! 

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