Integrate and Connect Applications
Integrate and Connect Applications

Businesses spend a considerable amount of time performing double entry when they could Integrate and connect applications together through the hiring of software developer.  However, knowing someone or some business that takes on API integrations development may be easier said than done.  For instance, your sales team may be the first point of contact for new prospective client.  That client intake of information including name, company name, phone number, and email address may be in a CRM like SalesForce, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, Capsule CRM, etc  but is that the final resting place for contact information or is it just the beginning?

Many companies may input that same contact information again in their management software, professional services software, etc; and that software may be completely separate from their invoicing and collections systems.  Thus, creating another layer of inputting redundant entries of contact information.  This is obviously very time consuming.

Eliminate Redundant Tasks

Fortunately, many applications on the web allow you to integrate and connect applications with built-in tools that come with SaaS program.  For instance, we have a CRM that integrates with a variety of 3rd party applications.  However, not all applications have such an abundance of third-party integration for connecting applications.  And even if your CRM does integrate some of your applications.  Other applications may still suffer because they only integrate and connect applications that are the most popular.   One must also consider the expense of third party tools, just how much are your business processes being hampered through these broken ways, and is the cost of development for getting an application to produce data in a certain way in another system really worth it?

Automate Whatever is really Slowing you Down

Perhaps, your invoices are in one system but the information needs to populate in Quickbooks.  You get the idea, automate whatever is slowing you down.  On average, a quality software who can integrate and connect applications can save a business over 10 hours a week in repetitive tasks through automation.  Imagine redistributing that time into meaningful work.

What Integration Consulting Services do software developers perform?

Anyone can do any software development and API integrations for a price.  Producing a whole new software platform is incredibly expensive but it is not as painful with existing revenue stream of clients that you can place on it but most organizations are trying to develop software.  They are integrating several software so they can talk to each other.  It may be only month or two long project of going back and forth with the client and the software developer when you integrate and connect applications together.

How are the integration consulting services performed?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is how you access the code someone else has written.  API allows users and developers to extend their web applications by programmatically fetching and editing data from different modules. Again, the software can either have tools for you to use or it can be a way to access their data.

What if I just want to migrate data from one software platform to another?

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Integrate and Connect Applications with a Software Developer Summary

Programs like Figma can help sketch out your dream application or pay the software developer to do it for you.  However, to integrate and connect applications together may be a less painful experience that be a preliminary phone conference call for explaining what you want and maybe a follow up a call handing off the credentials necessary for accessing the API’s.


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