Karmak API Support
Karmak API Support

Fusion helps long-haul trucking organizations manage their business. Here’s how to make their software even better with Karmak API support. 

Karmak’s software platform assists those in the long-haul trucking industry with managing their business. Karmak’s business management software is called Fusion. The great majority of long-haul trucking dealerships utilize this core piece of software for all aspects of their business. 

Karmak Fusion industry folks know the software as an end-to-end Microsoft Windows ‘dealer management system‘ (or DMS). It helps businesses in the following areas:

– Inventory: Fusion allows you to smoothly keep track of moving inventory while expediting stock processes and customer service. 

– Sales: Increases and manages sales with quick and easy delivery of invoices, profit analysis, and more. 

– Accounting: Tracks all your business’ finances through monitoring and automation. 

– Technician management/service: Allows you to track your technicians’ performance as well as clients’ repair needs.

Software Development & API Integration Services

Software integrations are necessary to keep everyone on the same page. In the commercial transportation industry, the sales, finance, inventory, service, and all other departments need to be able to sync their information to other departments and software platforms.  Not only does it cut down on mishaps and other staff-related money-wasting inefficiencies, but it spurs tremendous company growth, as your staff is no longer burdened with monkey work. 

We offer API integration services that solve the challenges through software development and integrations, but this post educates you on the need for Karmak API support to integrate the software with other platforms.  Examples include reducing double entry and establishing other platforms such your payroll, ecommerce, and accounting platform, just to name a few. 

The reality is that all business management platforms have weaknesses, and Karmak API integration allows for other software platforms outside of the Karmak Fusion space to make up for those deficiencies. Illustrated below is a list of common API integrations between one platform and another. 


Karmak API Support

Karmak has an open API, meaning developers such as NetworkAntics can write to the platform after some vetting from the Karmak team.  (Below is a list of third-party software companies that will allow their platform to sync with another platform such as Karmak Fusion.) 

Working with a professional Karmak API support team to incorporate Karmak software API integrations such as these, without a doubt, improves business workflow and saves money for two important reasons: 

  1. You obviously like the features included in third-party software more than what Karmak Fusion software has to offer, or maybe Karmak simply does not have that built-in functionality. Regardless of the situation, the operations savings can be felt immediately when users switch from a clumsy platform feature to a platform dedicated to that vertical. 
  2. Eliminate double entry between two autonomous platforms. For instance, you prefer sending out invoices through another platform, but this requires that you manually input the data from Karmak Fusion. That tedium simply isn’t fun and costs the organization some serious money over time. 
Karmak Fusion Payroll Integrations 

Here’s the sad truth about micro payroll businesses: They usually don’t have the tech to allow for a Karmak Fusion Payroll Integration to exist. Unfortunately, the organization needs to make the switch from the low-tech firm to one of the major players such as Gusto, SurePayroll, Paychex, and ADP. That’s if these major players have an open API as well. We know for a fact that ADP payroll does since we collaborate on quite a few projects with them. 

Karmak Fusion Accounting Integrations 

The majority of businesses use Quickbooks for their books. Many bookkeeping platforms have pretty good invoicing features. You would need to decide which platform is the master of all record keeping for your business’ specific needs.  

The way we have set up our PSA (Professional Services Automation) platform is that we approve and post invoices from the PSA to Books via an API integration. This may not be your workflow, but it definitely gives you that boost in creative thinking for asking the next logical question. 

Karmak Software API Integration for eCommerce 

This is one of our more recent projects where Karmak approached us to integrate Karmak with FusionBasically, they wanted real-time inventory housed in Karmak Fusion to be available or synced to ShopifyYou throw in some SEO and you become the regional, possibly national, leader in online sales. 

How do we get on the list for ADP payroll integrations? 

NetworkAntics provides an API for the time tracked by Karmak and syncs it with ADP payroll. While this might sound simple, the implementation requires extra steps in order to meet the user mapping conditions. 

What else does Karmak integrate with? 

Check out this link to see a list of all Karmak API integrations: Integration List (karmakintegrations.com) 

Bonus Resources 

Looking for more Karmak API support? See our other articles on integration and optimizing your business’ workflow, or send us a message to talk to one of our professionals! 

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Expert Karmak API Support Services: Integrations for Payroll, Bookkeeping, Shopify, & Other Platforms Summary 

What Karmak has to offer its users is a thorough and comprehensive platform that covers sales, accounting, inventory, and more. However, even the best of platforms can’t do everything, which is why hiring an experienced team in API integration services is a helpful and necessary tool for optimizing your software platforms for your business. Whether it’s integrated with ADP Payroll, Shopify, or another app, Karmak’s open API is a huge advantage for businesses.  

With our specialists in Karmak API integration, NetworkAntics is a great choice for any business looking to bring their software platforms to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can assist you. 

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