LogMeIn Central is the portal used for accessing remote desktops, workstations, and servers. It does not require any firewall hole poking. The agents used to create remote accessibility for these computers can be downloaded at www.logmein.com/logmein.msi LogMeIn Central offer basic remote access or LogMeIn Pro. Be careful when purchasing as most organizations do not need the added functionality and expense of a Pro account. Anyway, this service is the bees knees for remote server support.

• 5 Pack is around $300
• Central Basic: Starts at $499.00 for 25 computers, per year.
• Central Plus: Starts at $999.00 for 25 computers, per year.
• Central Premium: Starts at $1,299.00 for 25 computers, per year.

ProTip! Using logmein.com/logmein.msi from your web browser for downloading and executing the logmein installation file. Also, make sure sleep mode is disabled if you are trying to work on computer after hours.

How Do I Remote I Already Have a Remote Access Agent Installed on My Computer?

The most common area to view for remote access agents on your computer is in the system tray illustrated below.  The most common remote connectivity service installed on computers are:

  • RMM Agents – Use for alerting your IT team of hardware & security issues along with basic remote connectivity.
    • Datto RMM  (formerly AEM)
    • Kaseya
    • Ninja
  • Basic Remote Connectivity Agent
    • LogMeIn
    • Bomgar










What if I don’t have an remote connectivity agent or service always running on my computer?

Try one of the options below for providing someone you know remote access to your computer.

Free Instant access to your machine

A little more (less instant, ad-hoc solution) friction and more long term remote access solution.


Free conference call software. Bonus, it has remote access viewing feature.

Zoho Assist
Zoho is trying to get into the market with their assist software.  It’s pretty good.


Join.me provides instant access for conducting meetings or remote presentations. It’s pretty intuitive for most novice users but it can be frustrating to use if you provide IT support.


LogMeIn Central Summary

While LogMeIn Central is a terrific software, the price of the software keeps going up.  It may be worth shopping around for a cheaper alternative.


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