Malware and Virus Protection
Malware and Virus Protection

The backup of your business data and securing of your network against all sorts of malicious behavior both inside the office and outside your network (beyond creating revenue for your business) should be your number one priority.   We have put together a ransomware blog post that helps prevent ransomware attacks.   It also helps prepare when you preparing for a Network and Security Risk Assessment,  HIPAA Compliance, and other mandates.  We are currently re-evaluating endpoint protection for all server and workstation devices that will detect malware and viruses and notify your team of these outbreaks and if the endpoint has been maliciously removed.  Avoid Symantec and McAfee.  These two have a very low malware detection rate.  I’ve seen ransomware encrypt an entire network while Symantec Cloud Enpoint Protection was asleep at the wheel.


Here’s a list of Endpoint Protection that we are currently testing or has proven success against the latest Ransomware.


  • ESET Business Account
    • We have seen this detect and remove the latest Cryptolock Ransomware by running the NOD32 boot ISO.
    • The ESET online scanner is another option for scanning the restored server that was compromised/encrypted.
    • The support team is very easy to work with and is helpful.
  • Webroot Cloud Endpoint
    • We started out with this protection but it has proven to be really weak protection.
  • NetworkAntics Managed IT protection
    • We do not advertise our Managed IT protection but we have been around the block with a lot of these programs.  We are thrilled with the results provided by the protection including in our Managed IT stack.

IT Resources Summary for Protecting Against and Containing a Limited Ransomware Outbreak.


There’s no silver bullet but this guide that will take weeks or months for your IT team to implement will provide a lot more confidence that your data is secured and your network will experience decreased down time if followed.

Malwarebytes Support site.

Tip! Upgrading to the latest version of Malwarebytes fixes most of the issues you may be encountering. And we have KB articles to assist you:

How to upgrade to the latest version of Malwarebytes
How to activate Malwarebytes
How to obtain your license information and confirmation email

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