Managed IT Services in San Diego
Managed IT Services in San Diego

Managed IT Services in San Diego caught on in a big way after the recession hit in 2008.  Corporate execs wanted a way to expand and contract their workforce without the hassle of employing a large IT staff, training, and providing benefits only to find them gone 3, 6 month, or a year later.   Depending on how large their organization is, they may retain or employ someone full time with the vision for the direction of technology within the organization.  However, this is not always a feasible option.

RMM Services

Clients who receive or are in the market for Managed IT Services in San Diego failed to understand or appreciate the value that Managed IT Services brings to the table.  The onus is on providers to communicate effectively on what they do.  With that said, Managed IT is not for everyone.  The most significant difference the client would see is Managed IT will be more proactive rather a break and repair reactive role.  The Managed IT services deploys RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) Agents that provide real time information as to what is going with the workstation, servers, routers, and managed switches throughout your network.  These failure notifications can notify Network Operations Center of critical issues such as internet down, low disk space, and non-responsive servers.


Professional Services Automation (PSA) integrates all resources together everything from billing to ticketing.   This is critical for help desk, on-site staff, and one off projects to tally their hours and enter in a detailed description as to what is going on.  Those billable hours are tied into Quickbooks and other bookkeeping software to invoice the client appropriately.  Additional add-ons include CRM functionality that could offer the ability to track the sales cycle and for the help desk team’s phone system to pull up your information when you call like current and prior tickets, contact information, etc.

IT Support Staff

The next piece of manage IT is the actual staff that supports you.  Who do you see and how often do you see them?  This varies from Managed IT firm to Managed IT firm on their workflow.  There will always be a tier 1 support that takes call but it varies how visible your IT support team to you.  Sometimes companies agree to have someone onsite a certain number of hours per week for always having a pulse of the issues going on w the company.  However, it’s possible that managed IT simply sends replacement hardware or hot spares and you never see on-site IT.

Additional IT Services

Managed IT Service companies have relationships with many different partners.   Some are for selfish reasoning in that they may not provide the best services but it’s good residual income for the IT company.  Some of these service come in the form of:


Determining if Managed IT Services in San Diego is right for you

These are all things that must be discussed before agreeing to Managed IT services in San Diego. Whatever the case, do your homework before pursing any Managed IT services in San Diego.  Everyone in your company will be better off for it.  Seriously, the last thing that anyone wants is a toxic relationship that lasts a year. That’s the typical time span for a contact with Managed IT Services in San Diego. It can be cheaper if it is 3 years but that will seem like doing time if you are paired up wrong the wrong IT team for your needs.



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