Network Antics’ customer care is always open. Our Managed IT Support team is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for putting out fires, monitoring network health, and assisting in any level of technical support you may experience. Time is money. Let’s get you going.

Managed Backup and Recovery Support

Are you concerned your documents, pictures, and database are not being backed up on a regular basis? We offer secure online backup and Data Management solutions.

Want to verify the integrity of your tape backups? We can confirm the archival process is actually taking place.

NetworkAntics’ Managed IT Support includes Backup and Recovery Support. It provides a comprehensive twenty four, seven monitoring of your backup and recovery system utilizing the latest technologies that meet all standards and regulatory requirements at an affordable price.

Network Antics’ engineers are experts in:

  • Data Storage
  • Backup and recovery

Data Center Cloud Hosting

NetworkAntics specializes in determining your needs and creating a custom-tailored solution hosting or cloud based solutions. With accessibility to data centers in various regions we can either host, manage, and or co-locate equipment to fit whatever needs your team envisions. Our team has over twenty years’ experience hosting high end environments.

Regulatory Compliance

As more business migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, they are discovering their data fall under government regulations. Meeting compliance can be overwhelming without a dedicated team. Your outsourced data center team comes with the resources necessary to fulfill all requirements and government that come with hosting your data.

Need some advice? Let Network Antics consult on your data center hosting needs. Whether it’s moving your entire server environment or some simple advice, Network Antics will be your most reliable resource in the digital age.

Managed EHR Support Optimized for Medical Practices

A top concern with medical practices seeking managed IT services is the lack of specialized EHR support in the healthcare field. NetworkAntics’ excels with this. We understand healthcare devices, fax servers, and have trainers to assist with getting to increase your EMR skills or improve workflow.

In addition to general monitoring, maintaining, and support of your network; Network Antics will provide specialized eClinicalworks IT support for your medical practice, medical group, or hospital. We are no longer hold the status of  preferred eCW IT vendors. We provide healthcare IT infrastructure services and help desk.

We Have Hardware Solutions For All Sizes

  • Medical Practice
  • Medical Groups
  • Hospitals
  • Any size healthcare facility!

And More…

In addition to infrastructure site assessments and on-going Managed IT support, we provide specialized risk assessments for your organization.  These assessments review 3 areas:

  • Physical
  • Administrative
  • Technical

These are critical for meeting the criteria for HIPAA Compliance.

Outsourced Reporting and Monitoring Service

NetworkAntics’ Managed Report and Patching Service deliver monthly reports displaying the health of your network. The daily patches secure your network’s workstations and servers from potential vulnerabilities. We automatically update workstations and servers with the most recent security patches and software updates with our patching service.

Complete disregard for on-going patch management will ultimately lead network down issues and even worse, compromised confidential data. Network Antics’ Managed IT Services produces a lot bang for its buck. Our automated service requires less resources, more value, and is very flexible. Whether you have one domain or multiple, Network Antics’ delivers a seamless patching service that integrates into your existing system.

Outsourced Reporting and Monitoring Service

Reporting tools and monitoring are an essential part for the feeling the pulse of your network. Monthly reports show updates on closed and ongoing tickets. The key to client happiness is zero downtime, stability, and reliable performance.

We are equipped to meet this if not come very close with our 24/7 monitoring tools at a fraction of the cost that requires no additional employees or expensive software. Network Antics already has all software, hardware, and monitoring tool so you don’t have to worry about accruing more costly infrastructure and staff. As you evolve, we scale and adapt with you. The typical time frame for Network Antics to get our tools and infrastructure running is two to three weeks. Our very knowledgeable and friendly staff will make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Managed Report Monitoring Services Benefits:

  • 24×7 Support, 365 Days a Year
  • Instant Phone Accessibility to Technical Staff
  • Proactive Monitoring & Notification
  • Performance Monitoring & Capacity Planning
  • A Fixed Monthly Rate, Regardless of Alert Volume
  • Improved uptime through diagnostics
  • Access to subject matter experts

Regional and Nationwide Help Desk IT Support

NetworkAntics has an extensive team of professionals both regionally and nationwide. We have Managed IT clients local to California and nationwide locations. Every outsourced help desk ticket comes with an optional survey. NetworkAntics has various metrics to ensure quality service all the time. We will not accept anything but the best support for our customers. We have developed an extensive calculator for factoring all costs of an employee and their time consumed by IT needs rather than the role they were hired to do. We can sit down with and perform a discovery of just how much savings is earned utilizing outsourced help desk services.

How we do it

Network Antics’ large staff of heavily vetted, qualified, and certified support team answers calls and remotes into your machine 24/7, 365 days a year.

The remote agent will provide a proactive response when malware, virus alert, or logged events disrupt the normal activity of your machine. The outsourced help desk support specialist upon your user’s approval will have seamless remote connectivity to resolve most issues.

Varying tier levels of support will allow technicians to escalate to the appropriate support team to resolve your concerns. Team Leads handles support Level 2 while our on-site senior level engineers handle Level 3 including issues pertaining to Active Directory, servers, email, disaster recovery, networks, and security.

We’re Waiting To Help You

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