Microsoft Authenticator App Setup
Microsoft Authenticator App Setup

Microsoft Authenticator App has been around for several years now.  While it is not the first MFA app, it is certainly making its mark.  It’s tightly integrated functionality with Outlook Mobile is a blessing for most business users and a curse for IT administrators.

Microsoft’s Lock Down

Many of you now either heard in the news or are a couple degrees from knowing some individual or business who have got struck by ransomware.  While Microsoft ecosystem use to be one of a very open environments, they have gone the way of Apple in many aspects and locked things down.  You can see in the way you have to beg for permissions for everything action in you performed in the Windows environments.  You also see patching become a part of life that is necessary for good software from going bad.  Yes, there’s the stability aspect of patching but there’s also finding and patching holes that bad actors can exploit.

What’s the reason for the Microsoft Authenticator App Existence?

Oh right, so the Microsoft Authenticators App is not only there to provide Mult Factor Authentication (MFA) to your favorite work productivity apps but it is also used for any sensitive data platform out there on the web.

What is the best Authenticator App?

It is personal preference but please do not get confused MFA with 2step authentication.  Many banking apps and social media platforms rely on your mobile number for 2 step authentications.  While this may be good for Mark Zuckerberg to obtain your personal information and an additional form of verification for security, it is actually not as secure as utilizing an MFA application like Microsoft Authenticator.  The other one I like is Authy because it’s ability to have not only a phone app but a desktop app.  Authy unfortunately requires a little more tech savviness.

Anything else?

Yes!!!  Utilize a Password Management System and apply unique passwords to every account you own or at the very least the most sensitive data ones.


How do I perform Microsoft Authenticator App Setup?

Microsoft Mobile Phone Authenticator App | Microsoft Security

Please use an email account that you will continue to use indefinitely and don’t lose the master password!!!



Microsoft Authenticator App Setup & the Reason for it Summary

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Microsoft Mobile Phone Authenticator App | Microsoft Security



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