FTP Setup
FTP Setup


Not too long ago, the only way to submit large files was through traditional FTP.  Now there are all sorts of options.  Some free, some not so free.  Today we will introduce you to the Synology DiskStation Manager interface.  The DSM can be used for all sorts of IT related services.   In this exercise, we make it a friendly way for your clients or customers to upload and interact with your internal network at the office.  First items to check off before proceeding.

Fun Extras

Need a high speed version of FTP?  Try Presto by Synology

Creating Users and Providing File and Folder Permissions

In our example, we have a slew of shared folders.  We created a “test” share and under the “test” share would be client share folder called “Acme”.  We do not want “Acme” to see the “test” share and vice versa.  This requires you to “Hide sub-folder and files from users without permissions” and utilize the permission editor to define specific read and write settings beyond that.

Share Folder Settings

If you already have the permissions set the way that you want them to be, then there is a setting you can enable to hide sub-folders and files from users without permissions in Control Panel > Shared Folder > Edit selected share.

FTP Setup

If the issue is that you are unsure where to properly configure the permissions, then you can do that in Control Panel > Shared Folder > Edit selected shared > Permissions > select the Custom field to bring up the Permissions Editor. In the Apply to field you will see that it is defaulted to All if you uncheck everything but This folder then the permissions you set for the Shared folder will only apply to the root Shared Folder. This means that the sub-folder you create inside will no longer inherent the permissions of the root Shared Folder. You can then go to each sub-folder and give customize their permissions individually.

FTP Setup



Modern Day FTP Setup Summary

Clients already have a lot on their plate.  Confusing them with convoluted FTP setups or another software to download will further increase the complexities of their lives.   Hopefully, this little Synology solution will help decrease the stress and increase production for everyone involved.

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