Navigating Synology Photos
Navigating Synology Photos

Learning how to navigate Synology Photos file may take some getting use if you have never worked with it before.  The latest backups will appear in the following path structure /MobileBackup/(the name of your iPhone)/(year)/(month).   It may be a little different to navigate Synology Photos from Synology Moments and a lot different if you are use to Synology Photo Station.


Synology Moments




Where do I go to change what photos and videos Synology Photo indexes?struggling with synology


Currently Synology Photos will index the following folders:

For personal libraries:


For shared libraries:   (This is ideal for families)


These are the only paths that Synology Photos will use for obtaining its library.

There is not currently a way to change these paths or add additional paths.

Synology Photos will not use other indexed folders for content.



I can’t find my personal  “Mobile Backup” folder!!

You will need to navigate your share folders on your computer.

navigate Synology Photos








How do I access my “personal space” from Synology DiskStation Manager?

Load up your Diskstation Manager.  Then select the icon name Synology Photos.

  • Go to personal space
  • “This Guy Is” is the the name of my iPhone. It contains a backup my iPhone photos and videos.

navigate Synology Photos






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Navigate Synology Photos Summary

Learning how to navigate Synology Photos may take some getting use to but it will be worth in the end.   You can avoid paying money to Apple for photos storage or have the peace of mind that you are not beholden to some big tech company.  Plus, there is much more flexibility with the Synology Photos application.


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