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Outsourced CTO Services

Many companies can’t afford or can’t find the talent they need to get their network infrastructure and IT team to the next level. They struggle to find network IT consultants that best fit their goals. Our Outsourced CTO has the vision to get you where you want to be.

Network Antics’ makes IT happen.

Network Antics’ provides the technology roadmap to get from that patched-together IT infrastructure to a secure, stable, and more productive environment. Our outsourced CTOs have years of experience managing and maintaining large IT infrastructures. We will spend time with the team to understand the workflow and the technology behind it. Then we will release a road map to get you up to date. This includes not only technology but hiring the personnel to maintain after we completed our job as Outsourced CTO.

Break & Repair

Many times our first introduction to a company that turns into a long-lasting relationship is when they are calling for a break/fix situation. The initial complaint may not be the root of the problem. For instance, the installation of a new device some novice user-installed brought the whole network down.

Break and Repair is great for reactive situations but Managed Care & Support prevents a lot of things from happening at much more reasonable recurring rate.

Some of our typical break repair situations are:

  • Internet and Network Troubleshooting
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • WiFi Connectivity

Risk and Security Assessment

The world is getting smaller in terms of information and who can access it. The advent of social networking sites, blogs, and personal websites has increased everyone’s visibility. These days it’s no wonder why people are a little wary of privacy concerns. HIPAA legislation in the healthcare sector aims to fix that.

Based in San Diego, Network Antics’ nationwide network of IT consultants, help our clients assess and manage compliance with HIPAA IT regulations and Meaningful Use Measurements.

Our network IT consultants provides Compliance, User and Process management services, including Compliance Assessment, Business Process Consulting and uses its comprehensive software solution to provide a framework to assure on-going compliance with government and board of director required mandates. Our personnel have extensive experience in financial, operational and compliance management.

Network Design

Our network IT consultants can help create a network for maximum up time and scalability so the network grows as you grow at minimal cost. Whether you have an existing system that needs to be modified or a complete overhaul; Network Antics’ can provide complete networking support from design to accommodate your needs as a growing business.

Great design is great for business.

Our years of experience and certified network IT consultants give you the confidence that your project will get done right the first time; eliminating the need for constant and on-going support for a project that should have been done months ago. While we are happy to support any one off projects, Network Antics’ can provide the most bang for your buck with its monthly Managed IT Support plans.

Network Antics’ will take the time to get to know you and your business with an on-site meet and greet meeting.   Our Business Development team and account manager will discuss your punch list items of IT things To-Do List; and our Network IT consultants will develop a Technology Road Map of what should be prioritized first.

We will perform a quick inventory of existing network server infrastructure all while obtaining your workflow from the Operations team.  This will be passed on to our design team for further review.  A proposal will be brought to the table shortly thereafter.

Server Maintenance & Installation

Server installations are complicated. We will try to make it easy. Our network IT consultant performs an audit or inquiry before proceeding with a quote to provide you the best server for meeting your needs.

Our San Diego Server Support and Installation programs consist of:

  • Troubleshooting existing server hardware infrastructure
  • Create, backup, and maintain server.
  • Add users and devices to an existing network.

The client should be prepared to answer what exactly the server function is and do they have a network sheet filled with the existing IT inventory, IPs, and password information. They will ensure a correct quote the first time and expedite the overall timeliness of the project. Our server support engineers will request an on-site meeting and review all options including co-location.

Event Logs for the system, application, and security are key components of the hardware maintenance of a server. Resolving these error notifications ensure the server is operating efficiently. Network Antics’ engineers assess backups are valid, drives are functioning, and security is not at huge risk for failure.

Budget minded small businesses may want to consider cost effective Network Attached Servers devices from Synology. They not only have redundant storage but they also provide a variety of options for offsite backup. Most small business devices can be found for under a thousand dollars.

Computer Upgrades and Network Migration Support

Migrations are no fun but necessary. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple stop supporting and patching an over 10 years old product like Windows XP; and all the sudden you out of compliance with your risk management software and vulnerable to attack.

Network Antics’ knows how to migrate and plan for future tiered replacements so you are not hit with the cost associated with replacing all the computers at one time. Network migration support from a small business server to an old domain environment or whatever your situation is something our team of network consultants can take on and lead you to a scalable solution.

Office and Data Center Moves

Moving furniture alone can be quite a hassle. Mix in the technology factor and your team starts to be a bit overwhelmed. Your network IT consultant will create a well-thought-out game plan for you and your team to execute.

We plan out your office computer moves so you don’t have to.

Network Antics’ engineers understand the constant planning, adjustments, and communication required for a smooth transition to a new office or the relocation of IT equipment to a data center. We have invested heavily into our project management system building out a template that is easy to use and coordinate with the Network Antics’ team and their clients. You will be placed with one direct contact for handing cable management, providers, network infrastructure backups, and tear down/installs/upgrades. All tasks coordinated through Network Antics’ can be viewed and commented on through our support system. We will provide an in depth overview of what we do and how we can help once we perform our first on-site meeting with your team.

network it consultants

Small Business IT Support

We have been delivering small business IT support for over a decade on the west coast and have expanded nationwide. Our vertical is health care and we welcome additional opportunities from other industries for providing Managed IT Services. Our specialties are included below but building and maintaining relationships is what we pride ourselves in.

  • Network IT Consultants
  • Managed IT Support
  • EMR Consulting
  • HIPAA Compliance

What model do you use to improve workflow yet contain the yahoos on the web from compromising your data? Let Network Antics’ assist with your Small Business IT Support today!

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