netwrok printer setup
netwrok printer setup

Setting up a printer can be difficult. It can be downright eye gouging if you purchase the wrong printer to work for the next three years.  Printing can be pretty straight forward in small shop consisting of a couple users.  However, you may soon notice you quickly outgrow the $150 ink jet printer and go for something like a Kyocera MFP that can do 9000 prints (pages) all on a $60 toner cartridge.  Not to mention the way more intuitive functionality of its built-in fax and scan capability.  Read here for basic printer network connectivity.  Scroll down the page for a Kycoera scanner setup and further down for scan to email.   Right below are some models we have recently worked with.

Higher End

  • Kyocera CS3050ci


  • Kyocera M2535DN
  • Kyocera M3550idn

Low End

  • Kyocera P2535DN

* I will grab some more Kyocera models and alternative brands, specifically Brother as I update this more.

Network printer setup in San Diego

Network attached printer.

As your company scales its hardware, the complexity of the printer copier setup becomes sometimes a nightmare.  Configuration road blocks may include the following:

Scanning to Workstations Setup – SMB Share

Query for Kyocera if you using Keepass to find the IP address for accessing the Kyocera Command Center.  You can create workstation shares on individual profiles.  Then “add” user and follow the illustration to setup SMB configuration.














Add all the variables below once in the user’s profile.










It may be necessary to change the file format.  Utilize the illustration below for configuring for tif or pdf.












Change File Format








Email scan delivery

Hosting email accounts are expensive.  I suggest creating a generic email account for all the IT needs if you are under 50 user operation.  ie– Immediately enter the “sign in and security”,  and enable “allow less secure apps” switch to on.  This can be found under your circle profile (my account) on the top right side.
Printer IT Support San Diego

  • Print Drivers
    Managing print drivers for 32 or 64 bit compatibility for all those end user devices can be accommodated through the print server console.
  • Print Controllers

Fiery Controllers while it’s more and more a brand of the past, it enables a lot more flexibility in postscript print jobs.  Not only do they expedite the physical printing process but you input a lot of additional detail of you want out of your brochure, art work, etc.   These controllers tend to be built into a  lot of copier these days.  Just be aware that bigger machines have a lot more functionality like folding, stapling, etc.  You will be paying a lot more for these features than a Kyocera MFP referenced to the right.

Fiery Controller  Fun Facts:

  • Like most devices, it’s pretty fickle about drivers  for setup on the workstation.
  • You will have a tough time communicating with the MFP if you don’t know the IP and it’s password.  ie.  123456, 12345678, 000000, 00000000, and fiery01.  Fiery.01
  • RTFM.  You can avoid a lot of expensive visits from copier leasing company if you just read the manual.

Fiery printer setup

Common features that should be pretty intuitive to use like scans and faxes that are received by the MFP or copier and sent to a shared folder on a workstation or server.  Alternatively, you can send out through your workstation but all this functionality requires a higher level of expertise.   Make sure that your MFP not only has these features but it’s easy to work with.  Contact your network printer setup in San Diego to not only assist with the current printer problem but advise you on some additional functionality.


Kyocera Network Printer setup in San Diego Instructions

Choose from three options:

  • Copy
  • Send to eMail or Desktop
  • Fax
    Network printer setup in san diego







To copy, press copy and hit “start” once paper is inserted. Click either alternate (send or fax) button for “send to email or desktop” and “Fax”. The choose hot key. Emailing scans is top row. Scan to desktop folder is second row.   Program shortcut fax numbers for third row.

Network Printer setup in San Diego

Hit “start” once hot key is selected. Manually enter fax number if no hot key is set and hit “start”

Network Setup in San Diego










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