New Computer Domain Setup
New Computer Domain Setup

Initial Boot – New Computer Domain Setup

Go to the Workgroup setup if you do not have a domain.   The setup constantly changes in Windows 10 but it is definitely getting easier.  Cortana now guides you through the process …

1) Select your WiFi network to connect to the network if you do not have an ethernet cable plugged in.  This message will not show if you already are connected to the network.

2) How would you like to setup?

  • Choose “setup for an organization” to proceed with domain setup.
New Computer Domain Setup

3) “sign in with Microsoft”

Choose “domain join instead”

New Computer Domain Setup

4) Who’s going to use this PC?

New Computer Domain Setup

5)Skip the next to sections that are usually related to Dell workstation setups.

  1. a) “Create a Super Memorable Password” and select “next” to move forward.  I’m pretty sure you don’t do not need an illustration for this step.  This password is typically always the same password on every machine for a local admin account.
New Computer Domain Setup



New Computer Domain Setup

7)  Options may vary at the point:

  1. a)  Make Cortana your personal assistant (no)
  2. b)  Lenovo computer’ prompt with “protect your device”.   I advice you select “skip” and maybe come back later.  It’s not that important to the new computer setup.

8) Choose privacy settings for your device. (selected defaults are ok)

8) “your pc has an update waiting”  Please select “not now” to get the show on the road and update windows later.  There will be plenty of opportune moments later.

Support and Protection  (this prompt may come up for Dell)
– Hit  “next” to skip ahead

9) Log into user new admin user account

10) Log into your email account and we can take care of remote control assistance from this  forward.

Official Domain Setup


The workstation or computer has not completed the domain joining until they follow domain joining steps.



Remaining Links to Complete Setup:

  • Resume setup of downloading new applications on the computer using your business personal documentation.


  • Recommended Default Applications
    • LogMeIn Setup
      • Go through the Logmein setup guide
      • Browsers
        • Firefox
        • Chrome
      • Reader
        • Foxit Reader
      • Office Suite
        • Do they have a 2010 retail suite or newer?
        • Pin to start Menu not taskbar.
        • Configure Outlook if they have it to their email
      • Keepass
      • Lightshot
      • eClincialworks (For eClinicalworks only medical practices and groups)
        • eCW setup document should be in the client’s folder.
        • Make sure the client calls in for the support team to schedule the install of eCW when you are finishing up the customization of Windows 10.
          • Make sure they add the “faxserver” accessibility in eCW. Otherwise, you need to set it up yourself.
        • Desktop Customization
          • The default look is awful and not functional. Please follow this post to customize it.
          • Pin eCW, Reader, and other commonly used apps to the Start Menu.
        • Printer Setup
          • This should be automatically setup when the user authenticates to the domain.
        • Network Scanner Setup


New Computer Domain Setup Summary

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