What are Shared Mailboxes?

Shared mailbox allow you to save money on mailbox licensing for Office 365 or Microsoft Business 365 as Microsoft now brands their suite of services after April 2020.  For instance, every user typically has there own mailbox but they may also need to manage an Accounts Payable mailbox, Accounts Receivable, a customer support mailbox, etc.  These additional shared mailboxes are free as long as the user’s mailbox is a member of these shared mailbox.

User@acme.org (user mailbox)

Outlook Mailbox and Shared Mailbox Setup

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Office 365 Mail flow Tips and Tricks

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Shared mailboxes Summary


I will continue to add cool Mailflow tricks as I see fit.  Mailflow and Shared Mailboxes will become your best friends for preventing your organizations data from being compromised, savings on licensing, and a whole lot more.