This will help guide you through the Outlook Mobile setup for using the new email server.   First thing some people will ask when setting up the Outlook Mobile is why?!?!?  These are the people who are use to using Apple Mail or Google Mail applications.   Both are incompatible.   Apple Mail does not accept Microsoft calendar invites, etc.

I just want access to my email from my desktop

Why am I using the browser?

Talk to the Bobs.  They may have provided a license for Office 365 Business Essentials only.

  • Essentials
    • Give you access to the web mail and the mobile app
  • Premium
    • Give you the ability to download the latest Office suite including Outlook
      • ProTip!  Remove any Office suite on your machine before downloading and installing.

I already have a paid desktop version!

Cool, bro!  Less monthly subscription costs to you or your organization.

How do I setup Outlook Mobile?

Outlook Mobile is pretty straight forward out of the box.  However, navigating the setting to modify your email hosting provider may require a little more poking around.   We assist with that.  Want to use Gmail app to view your Office 365 emails instead?  Scroll down…


Don’t have Outlook Mobile for iPhone?  Go to the App Store on your Iphone and type Outlook.  Do you use an Android?  Scroll down…












































Android Setup

Go to the Google Play Store to download Outlook.  Then add your account email address to use Office 365 Exchange email or some other mail service.




























Gmail Setup for forwarding Office 365 Emails

Note:  I advise against this setup.

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