Project Management System
Project Management System

Businesses in the service industry ultimately fail through their inability to lay out a game plan for completing tasks and phases of a project.  This game plan suffers if most if not every item or problematic issue of that task and later that phase isn’t already resolved before moving forward to the next phase of the project.  The businesses who having projects dialed-in have a firm fixed price associated with that project because they have repeatedly done the project before and have built in the variable costs or  a cushion for when they may encounter something problematic, it will be delay the project or place the business upside down.

How to use a project management system?

Project management systems vary but we have found that the key elements to a good project management system is the ability for it send to clear and concise emails for a specific task to the client or the team member.

  • Client Receives Emails
    • Updates, inquiries, and completion of tasks
  • Service company receive emails about progress or completion
    • From client
    • From team leaders

Sooo many Emails in a project!!!

Obviously, communication can get muddled when there are so many threads of communications.  Ultimately, returning to the “client portal” for a reviewing or finding an update at specific phases or task is essential to moving the project forward.  The client portal is a website for where one or many projects in our project management system reside.

About Project Management Systems


They are many project management systems out there.  Some are pretty generic, of size fits all approach.  These systems include Asana, Basecamp, etc.  Our project system includes three major components:

  • The project itself
    • The project phases.
      • The tasks in the phases.

Key Aspects to Making the Project Management System Work

  • Organize your thoughts into specific tasks.
  • Reign in the conversation if it bleeds out into other tasks and phases.


What does a project management system look like?

See below…


Project Management System




Organizing Project Management Tasks Summary

It’s a team effort but a successful project is possible if everyone knows where to locate the task at hand, communicate progress updates in that task, and does not respond outside the confines of that task.  Need help organizing project management tasks?  Our team deployed thousands of projects.  We get it done right the first time.










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