phishing awareness training
phishing awareness training

Don’t be another scam email statistic. Learn how to avoid phishing emails with phishing awareness training for you and your team. 

With so much communication happening through email, phishing has become one of the most pervasive internet security problems facing businesses and individuals today. Cyber criminals catch their victims by sending them links that download malware and steal credentials. In fact, this problem has become so widespread that over 3 billion phishing emails are sent each day.  

Unfortunate businesses and individuals who fall for these phishing scams lose big. Besides the nightmare of having their credentials stolen, the money lost from phishing is now in the billions of dollars each year. This makes having an email filter a critical and foundational part of cyber security, but  the next (and equally important) step is to educate yourself and your employees with phishing awareness training.  

To see our guide to the 365 email spam filter, click here. Otherwise, continue reading to see our professional recommendation for different trainings to help you avoid phishing emails. 

Helpful trainings cover topics such as how to spot and avoid malicious links, attachments, and URLS. They also train your team in how to browse the web more safely and how to be more vigilant about passwords. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, much of avoiding phishing emails starts with changing user behavior to be more attentive and proactive. The following trainings should help you get started. 


Phishing Awareness Training Companies 

ID Agent’s Bullphish 

– The MSP has to send phishing campaigns. Unfortunately, the client can’t do this on their own through BullPhish. 

– They sell direct to the customer 

– Free Demo 


NetworkAntics’ solution 

– This training boasts 55 training modules that cover everything from how to spot a phishing email via URL awareness, password protection, and more. They’re developed from an educational standpoint to help your team learn the security fundamentals they need to know.  

– Proofpoint is dedicated to protecting their customers, but that can sometimes lead to false blocking of IP addresses, which can be a pain to get unblocked. Use this link to submit a request to delist a wrongly-blocked address: 



– This is apparently the best MSP. While it may not be the cheapest solution, it is definitely effective. 

– It’s simple to set up and they have pre-made phishing templates followed by quick training videos if the user falls for it. 

What does a phishing email look like? 

Even with an email filter, it’s still important to be able to detect whether a message is a phishing email on your own. Especially with less sophisticated scammers, there will often be some fairly obvious hints that the email is malicious. Knowing these tips will hopefully increase your phishing email awareness and help you identify scams. Below are the top 3 signs of a phishing email: 


  1. Dead giveaway is a funky domain name, but even legit looking domains may be malicious. 
  2. Hover over the URL to see an odd-looking payment URL 
  3. Check the spelling! Some phishing emails will either have words misspelled in the content or, as an even greater giveaway, in the domain name, i.e., instead of 


phishing awareness training


How to report malicious emails

No solution is bullet proof, but it’s important to know that when you report a malicious email you are also helping to improve the phishing detection systems in place – this is why having a filter is good, but having phishing awareness training for your organization is better. 

As far as applications, we recommend a couple Microsoft 365 apps if you are utilizing Defender as your email filter solution.  The apps required are: 

Bonus Resources for Phishing Emails

Having trouble with phishing emails? Check out all of our blog posts on how to ensure that you receive important emails while keeping yourself safe from malicious ones. 

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Superior Spam Protection IT Service: A 5-Step Guide to Managing 365 Defender ATP emailsDon’t know where to start with improving your cyber security? Our spam protection IT service professionals break down the process for you. 


3 Expert Tips to Avoid Phishing Emails Plus Phishing Awareness Training Summary

Email filters can do a lot of the legwork for ridding ourselves of unwanted emails, but the next best prevention tool is your own vigilance in keeping yourself safe. We recommend that you request that your IT administrator enables an email filter for your organization. However, for those that especially want to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks, we highly recommend training your team in phishing awareness. Ensuring that everyone in your organization has the proper mindset and awareness will be an invaluable extra layer of defense.  

If you have any questions or issues with cyber security, contact NetworkAntics to see how our email IT support team can help. 


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