Bridge mode setup in Mexico and worldwide
Bridge mode setup in Mexico and worldwide

Want better Wi-Fi? Get the insider’s opinion on port forwarding and bridge mode and learn how to bridge mode setup in Mexico with this article.

Many businesses are moving to Mexico for “nearshoring” their products and services. While it may be a challenge to receive your residential mail in Mexico without it being stolen, Mexico is a hot bed of activity for United States and Chinese corporations wanting to avoid the logistical challenges revealed during COVID pandemic. It is important for business setup their own IT networking infrastructure and know the challenges with working the local ISPs.

What is Bridge Mode?

Bridge mode essentially allows two routers to coexist by shutting off all router functionality and becoming a modem for the replacement router. Bridge mode passes off the WAN IP to your router and you are off and running – in other words, it dumbs down the router to being just a modem.

It’s not everywhere that modems and routers are integrated into all-in-one devices that include Wi-Fi, but the industry is unfortunately trending in that direction. This is unfortunately the case on the business side of things: You find integrated routers with Wi-Fi where you can set the device to bridge mode, but in most cases, they also push their own Wi-Fi hot spots in the United States. Never mind the excessive equipment when operating in the sates. Bridge mode setup in Mexico has it own foundational challenges. Most residential and business equipment provided by the ISP prohibits you making administrator adjustments; and a successful outcome for configuring bridge mode is not likely when you do receive temporary admin access to the credentials.

Why Do I Want Bridge Mode?

Many individuals and businesses like the idea of managing their own router, especially with network technology stories like Huawei and other Chinese companies stealing American intellectual property. While Huawei is everywhere in Mexico, the idea of taking their router and configuring it into bridge mode or passive mode (or mode puente in español) gives you more of the warm fuzzies from having control and security over your network.

How Do I Configure a Bridge Mode Setup in Mexico?

Unfortunately, bridge mode setup in Mexico is very difficult on the consumer side, and nine out of ten times the representative is confused about what you are requesting on the business side. We created of service providers who provide bridge mode or mode puente in Mexico.

The best bridge mode, or mode puente, success I have had is with Megacable. The link above contains phone number support for requesting temporary 24 hour access to Hauweii router admin credentials. We discuss step-by-step setup below under bridge mode.

What If I Just Want to Port Forward Using the Provider’s Router?

The best success for port forwarding is with the residential Nokia router equipment that is popular in Telmex deployments. I am not aware of business networking solutions. Follow these instructions to set it up:

  1. Head over to Application under the left-hand pane and select port forwarding.
  2. Retain the same ports both WAN and LAN.
  3. Make sure you maintain the current WAN connection list default, then adjust everything else as illustrated below.
  4. Select the internet device you wish to port forward. It will show up as the device name below once added.

Bridge Mode Settings for Megacable in Mexico

The router make and model is the Huawei Echolife HG8145v5. It is the router from Megacable that I can confidently say works for dumbing down the settings into bridge mode or passive mode. Bridge mode will pass on the WAN IP and it won’t bring down your internet service if configured correctly.

Follow these instructions to disable WLAN before applying bridge mode settings in WAN:

  1. Select “Advance”
  2. Select “WAN”
  3. Select “internet”
  4. Select “bridge mode”
  5. Make sure select LAN ports for binding”

Bridge Mode Settings in Mexico

Be prepared for a long slog working with Megacable support. Depending who you talk with, they will deny mode puente is a service they provide. They will also deny you temporary access to the admin console.

Providers like Telmex and Izzy have their own set of challenges. I have not been able to configure bridge mode settings in Mexico with these providers. Telmex and Izzy equipment does not pass on the WAN IP when attempting bridge mode setup, but it definitely brings down your internet service. Expect a week to ten days after you notify the company that the internet is down for it to be restored.

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Port Forwarding and Bridge Mode Setup in Mexico Summary

There are ways around this, but it’s not for the faint of heart. I encourage you to look into Megacable first and foremost since it’s the cheapest and the provider we have had the most success with. We will continue to update the list of Mexican ISPs as we accumulate more knowledge of the subject. If you need a personalized and professional opinion, reach out to us – we’d be happy to help with any of your questions or concerns!

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