Punch clock support IT
Punch clock support IT

Wasp Time clock system for employees plus biometrics cost around a $1000 and is great for complying with HIPAA mandate requirements. WaspTime version 7 Standard does not include automatic email reporting of Time and exporting. You must login into the system to extract reports.  Unfortunately, one user can be admin in its basic roll out.  For simplicity on a very small (under 15 users) network, the system should be deployed on his or her system.  Great features of the Time Clock include batch like downloading of punches at midnight every night.  This avoids complications if and when the office managers workstation is down momentarily.  PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure you the database is being backed up on this user’s machine.  Contact NetworkAntics’ Wasp Time Punch clock support IT experts to assess whether this is being done correctly.


Documentation for Punch Clock Support IT

WaspTime CD

-Include setup information for Biometric clock under “documents”


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Phone: 1-866-547-9277

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