Remote Support Services
Remote Support Services

A suite of great remote support or customer support services optimized for your companies virtual office workflow will make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.  Is your organization utilizing the right tools for providing stellar support to your clients?

  • Does your team assist clients through a shared screen remote session to get their task accomplished?
    • Out favorite free one is AnyDesk and Splashtop for corporate. LogMeIn offers a one month trial.  For a complete list, check out section 1 for our recommendations below for free or paid remote desktop solution.
  • What kind of technical assistance are you receiving for your own internal support issues so your customers aren’t impacted with significant down time?  
    • Managed Service Providers like us should not only provide basic help desk support but proactively maintain the security for mitigating massive malware and virus attacks on your network infrastructure.   Make sure you select one that has a 90 day game plan for securing your computer network.
  • Want to host presentations or conference calls instead?  These tools offer remote support services AKA screen sharing on both client and presenter.
  • Don’t need screen sharing time with your customers?  How about Live Chat from you web site?
    • Check out section 3 on live chat software integrated like ours site on yours.
  • Is your CRM integrated into your VoIP system so you know exactly who is calling into your customer support line and bonus, the system loads up their profile?
    • Section 6 below recommends a VoIP system to work easily from anywhere.
  • Finally, have you considered the new wave of mobile device management tools to secure your laptops and BYOD against malicious activity?
    • Forget hosting your own onsite infrastructure called Traditional IT.  Section 8 dives deep into subscription licensing for modern IT.

In 49 out of 50 states, services jobs provide 70 percent or more of overall employment.  Therefore, providing exceptional customer service is a critical component for maintaining great customer satisfaction and receiving repeat business.  And a customer is too transactional of a name if you’re in the business of repeat traffic and or highly sought after services.  A simple switch from customer to client places a higher value on your services and the organization you are serving.  We break down popular types of remote IT services and remote access technologies for getting the data, client support outreach, or access to client computers; your team needs.  The break down varies depending on objectives and workflow.

Eight solutions organizations  utilize who want maintain exceptional remote support services for their clients:

1) Remote Support Services or Connectivity to a Mac,  PC, or Server
Want to help your client out remotely?  These are somewhat (until they are not) free solutions for IT professional and client who want to provide access to their computers.  Some have time limits for use and others simply could make money on free so they charge now.  I placed my favorites not related to IT support (but most definitely can be used) services at the top for best combination of instant access and long term usage.  Otherwise, pay for more of a comprehensive and long term solution like LogMeIn  Central or Rescue subscription for remote support services or pay a lot up front for your own remote into your own office solution.  We are now recommending Splashtop as an alternative to LogMeIn.  Note:  All these remote applications have some hiccups when in use by a Mac.

Remote Support Services

AnyDesk is a free and instant access to your computer or a computer you need access to.  A unique code is generated on the end user side for all these remote support services.

Remote Support Services

A little more (less instant, ad-hoc solution) friction and more long term remote access solution.  It’s really popular tool around the IT community for years.  Mac Troubleshooting tips.

Remote Support Services

Another instant access solution but their 30 minute limitation on the free version.  This is great for introductory IT support while the help desk team preps the workstation and the organization they are supporting for a more long term solution. It also can be used on Macs and basic server support.

Zoho Assist
Remote Support Services

Zoho is trying to get into the market with their assist software.  It’s pretty good.

Additional Remote Support Services – Virtual Service

Remote Support Services come in many flavors.  This will get the creative juices flowing for assessing where your company could use some help with improving customer support.

2) Basic IT Support to you as a client or Managed IT Service
Your stereotypical IT guy who drops in to install something or provide break/fix support is what we call a seagull vendor.  They fly in, drop their crap, and fly away.  It’s may be cheaper but the attention to detail is not at their core of what they do.  Meanwhile, a Managed IT Services company wants to make sure they get it done right, they have a proven suite of product and services they always install and successfully maintain, and they want the product never to be an issue because issues will eat heavily into their monthly recurring revenue or MRR.  Basically, it’s a much better way of controlling costs while preventing disasters.

3) Live Chat Services
Get Hubspot, integrate Live Chat services into your website, and chat with the guests on your phone.

4) Email and Collaboration Services
Email is obviously mandatory.  Getting the right email hosting service is critical to maintaining good client communications.

5) Ticketing Systems and Professional Services Automation Systems
FreshDesk, ZohoDesk, and many others offer a ticketing system service for organizing all your client support emails and ensuring they get responded to and resolved in a timely manner.

6) VoIP or Phone Services
Setting up a phone system with a phone tree is an essential piece for maintaining great remote support services.

7) Internal Knowledgebase, Wiki, or Document Management System
Whatever they call it, your team needs documented processes in place for reference generic scenarios and customer specific notes to reduce the likelihood of bad customer support.

8) Mobile Device Management
Never go down due to catastrophic failure.  Purchase Microsoft Business Premium subscription licensing to get your team’s remote support services technology managed and secured by cloud based modern IT.

Remote Support Services Summary

There are plenty of solutions out there for getting what you need done.  Check out some of these solutions and ping if you need further assistance.




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