remove emails from quarantine in Office 365
remove emails from quarantine in Office 365

Missing out on important emails? Check out this guide on how to personalize email settings so you can remove emails from quarantine in Office 365 with ease.


Missing a critical client email to solidify a deal can be almost as devastating as an employee being duped by a malicious email. While it can be liberating to have emails filtered out automatically for you, it’s not uncommon for the filter to accidentally quarantine an email that you would deem important. And, in 365 Defender, the feature to enable users to request the release of an email from quarantine is not enabled by default.  

While we want to be able to empower users to search for legitimate emails in Microsoft Defender’s quarantine, we also want them to be able to expedite their ability to remove emails from quarantine in Office 365. The following steps detail how 365 users can ensure they don’t miss any essential emails. 

An Important Reminder 

First off, having a visual cue to periodically check the quarantine can give vigilant users an extra step in security. 

We highly recommend that our clients place the shortcut URL on their desktop (see below) so that they don’t miss any legitimate emails. 


How to Set Up Microsoft Defender to Remove Emails from Quarantine in Office 365 by Request 

  1. Scroll down the left pane until you find the section called “Email & collaboration“. 
  2. Policies and rules“–> “Threat policies” –> “Rules”.  
  3. Finally, select “Quarantine policies”.  



  • Quarantine Polices – Here you can apply custom rules in order to remove emails from quarantine in Office 365 by using default quarantine policies or by creating your own. 
  • Quarantine Notification: Enabled 
  • Limit Access:  Recipients can view quarantined messages, but they cannot release messages from quarantine – if you prefer, this setting can be changed in this section. 
  • Policy Name:  Standard User Alert Global Admin 


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How to Set Up Microsoft Defender: Remove Emails from Quarantine in Office 365 by Request Summary 

Reliance on technology allows businesses and individuals to communicate in an efficient manner, but there are times when the effectiveness of using that technology is up to the user. Maintaining a level of awareness and taking the initiative to check the work Defender does for us is crucial to making sure we are staying privy to what’s important. Having everything set up so that you can easily release emails from quarantine in Office 365 is a critical step for any attentive business. If you need any help with Office 365 or any other managed IT issue, contact us to see how our team of professionals can help you!

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