report malicious emails in Outlook
report malicious emails in Outlook

Be an asset to your own security. In this article, learn how to report malicious emails in Outlook to keep junk and phishing emails away.

While there are many platforms for reporting malicious emails, our previous post dives deep on the email quarantine platform called Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). We recommend that you review all email quarantine options, but to report malicious emails in Outlook properly, Microsoft Defender ATP is an easy pick for many organizations since it is bundled with Microsoft 365 Exchange email services.   


Report Message Tool – Submissions 

By default, the reporting of junk email or phishing with the Report Message button in Outlook is sent over to “submissions” for Microsoft to analyze.  This process takes about a week for your team to view the “result” under the “report submissions” section. 


Quarantined Messages    

Future-related emails can be found under quarantine if the Microsoft analysis “result” deems so.  An alternative future can be found for “results” deems safe for future releases, meaning some user reported the message was “not junk”.  Read below to learn more about Quarantine and policies related to it. 

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Report Message Plugin

To report malicious emails in Outlook, the Report Message plugin is required. Also, the Report Message plugin is required in Outlook. Outlook must be on the latest update (not version) for the Report Message to Appear.  Please defer to the “How do I install the Report Message tool plugin?” section below for quick setup guide. 

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Reported Messages

In a typical setup, messages are sent automatically for Microsoft review and analysis.   


Reporting and Analysis Performed… Yet, I Still Receive Junk Messages from the Same People 

Please skip down “Report Submission Process” section for an easy break down on what is necessary to get to the bottom of those annoying emails. 

NOTE: Learn more about viewing “quarantined messages” and how to create a policy for notifying you and your administrator of messages automatically being quarantined, and potentially setting up more policies to notify your administrator to release legitimate emails from quarantine. 


Review These Messages

The image below illustrates the “Review these messages” notification that will appear in your inbox.  Again, I prefer emails from not to be a distraction in my inbox.  I have it configured to go to our community inbox so I can simply review the quarantined messages at my leisure through the Defender ATP Quarantine link 

However, you can also find the configuration of “report message settings” in the submissions link if you have different preferences. 




Outlook Email Client Report Message Tool


report message button in Outlook

Outlook Mobile Report Message Tool 

Report Junk Mail that is not Junk 

The user can report messages that are not junk.  Be careful with this feature.  It is possible you are being duped into believing a malicious email is not junk.  Make sure you analyze before proceeding. 



How do I install the Report Message tool plugin? 

The Microsoft Defender ATP Report Message plugin is available through the Outlook “File” tab if it is not there by default. 

NOTE: You can go the same add-in location for alternative spam-filtering platforms if your organization is utilizing some other spam and phishing emails platform.  

Finally, there are options for your IT administrator to perform a mass deployment of the Microsoft Defender ATP plugin. Follow our “Centralized deployment Report Message/Phishing add-in post” for more details. 

If necessary, you can query “report message” in “Add-Ins for Outlook” in order to add the Report Message button in Outlook (the desktop version). 


Report Submission Process

How do I review the status from Microsoft for emails reported? 


What if you are those pesky junk emails keep coming? 

– In this case, please share the 2-3 Submission IDs with Microsoft Support and they will escalate the case to the next level team for further analysis.

What does “result” mean any the “report submissions” illustration below? 

– The final verdict is shown on the right side under “result”.  This means Microsoft took a week or so to analyze and returned with their final verdict as to how the email is processed.

What are the types of “results”? 

– If it’s classified as ‘Bulk’, then it has been reported to Microsoft and the same with the ‘Junk’ verdict for the emails too – such emails going forward should be blocked by the Spam filters. 

– The emails blocked due to user settings will keep getting blocked until the configuration/setting that is causing the issue is changed by the admin or mailbox owner. 




Quarantine pageIt is imperative each user visit this page at least once a week to review quarantined messages. Defender ATP may have mistaken critical communication for spam or something malicious. 

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How to Report Malicious Emails in Outlook the Easy Way Summary

The Report Message plugin can be a great tool for managing your inbox, but it does come with limitations if the user is not trained properly. Knowing what to expect from this tool and how to do your own due diligence to ensure you’re not missing out on important emails is half the battle. If you have any questions, reach out to our team of experts at NetworkAntics to help you navigate your inbox with ease. Feel free to review your own quarantined messages if you are using the M365 Office Suite with Exchange services.

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