report message add-in
report message add-in

Keep everyone in your organization safe from phishing with centralized deployment of the Report Message add-in.

In our last blog post we discussed how to install the Report Message plugin to your desktop Outlook email or mobile app. To continue our exploration of how to successfully filter potentially harmful emails while still ensuring the receipt of important emails, let’s take a look at how to do a centralized deployment of Report Message add-in.  

Bonus: using these add-ins helps improve Microsoft’s email filtering technology and can also assist your company in knowing how best to direct their efforts in keeping your communications secure.

Before we begin, here are two things you should know:

– The add-in can take 12-24 hours to show up in your organization. 

– Once you have centrally deployed the Report Message or another add-in, you’ll see an app registration deploy in Outlook. Do NOT delete that registration! Doing so will remove the add-in from your organization as well.

Steps to centralized deployment of the Report Message add-in

Follow the steps below to get the Report Message add-in deployed in Outlook email. If you have any trouble, reach out to our team of experts to see how we can help you resolve the issue. 

1. Go to the admin center: -> Show All (you may not need to do this step) -> Settings -> Integrated Apps 

2. Select ‘Get apps


3. A Microsoft 365 Apps page will open. Search ‘Report Message’. Under ‘Report Message’ or ‘Report Phishing’, select ‘Get it now’. This will start the deployment process.



4. Use these settings once you see the ‘Add Users’ page: On the Add users page, configure the following settings: Is this a test deployment? No. Assign users: Entire organization.

 5. Once you have added your users, select ‘Next‘. 

6. Read through the app permissions and capabilities info, then click ‘Next’.  

7. On the ‘Review and Finish Deployment page’, click on ‘Finish deployment’.

Manual Installation of Report Message Phishing Add-ins 

Here is an alternative way to install the Report Message or Phishing add-ins. For extra support, talk to one of our experts at NetworkAntics.  

– Go to the AppSource page here: Search ‘Report message’ -> Report Message or Report Phishing.



– Alternatively, you can visit either of the links below for a direct download of whichever add-in you want: 

Report Message:
Report Phishing: 

– Once you are on the page of the add-in you want, select ‘Get it now’, then sign into your Microsoft account if necessary. Lastly, when the add-in has been installed, you will see the Launch page below. You can then go to  


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7 Quick Steps to Centralized Deployment of the Report Message Add-in in Outlook Summary

Having the tools to keep business communications safe and secure is more important than ever. Following the above steps should get you and your company started on being able to quickly and easily report suspicious-looking emails. For any questions about security or other managed IT concerns, contact NetworkAnticsteam of experienced professionals to see how we can help you today.

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