Password Security Setup
Password Security Setup

Passwords are a pain, retrieving a password that is not attached to your hip or brain is even worse, and not streamlining your password credential life will introduce recurring digital nightmares.  I want to lay out a couple of mandatory items in password security setup that are necessary to live in this nonstop cycle of hacks, ransomware, and personal identification fraud lifestyle we unfortunately live in.  Don’t worry, I’ve included pictures.

Password Database Vault

Choose one and stick with it.  Need a suggestion?  Keepass is free password database manager and can be taken on the go.  Make sure you have a couple of backup options for it… iCloud, Carbonite, etc.  It will become an essential part of your life.  Read my Keepass post on how to set it up and use it religiously.

Need it on the go?   Download Keepass Mini, throw the desktop (Kdbx) file in your DropBox, and tap on it to run a copy of your password database on your phone.  All the passwords you submitted into your password database can be grabbed now, on the go!

Note:  DropBox app should be on desktop and phone for this universal on the go workflow to work.

Two Factor What?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication has become the standard protection for many individuals personal and professional web applications.  We wanted to lay out a standard that is both secure and somewhat easy to work with.  SMS 2FA (text message code) has its own issues.  It’s widely known to be flawed and insecure.

Above all that, companies like Facebook can  (and have) deceived users about the way it utilizes Facebook users phone numbers, facial recognition, etc.  Advertisers used these phone numbers to target Facebook users without their consent.  IE.  You may have noticed a significant uptick in robocalls since utilizing Facebook SMS 2FA.  I”m not an expert on who has their hands on your information but it does seem to a little too coincidental the two are in lock step with each other.

The bottom line…  Most people want the increased security without Zucks of the world potentially stealing and selling your cell number and yet, still maintain ease of use authentication into their favorite applications.

Password Security Setup for Authy 2FA

We are very keen on Authy for allowing the flexibility of syncing the app to both the computer and mobile.   Basically, most people are not always in front on their computer.   We like Authy because that the code can be used on the go, through the mobile app.

Authy may be a little difficult to use the first go around.  We made it a little less difficult by documenting some key aspects of the program.  Follow the instructions below for completing your password security setup with multi-factor authentication or 2FA.


How to setup Authy 2FA

  1. Download Authy Authenticator app for the desktop first.
    1. It’s incredibly important record your password credentials in a password vault. ProTip! Don’t lose your master password to your password vault.  Hand it off to a love one or your other love of your life…  Your Managed IT Service Provider.
    2. A verification code must be sent to your cell number. Record the cell number too in your password vault.
  2. Scan QR Code
    1. Enable 2FA (usually in settings/security of the site and or app you are trying to secure.
    2. One enabled, you should get prompted for a QR code (see illustration) that requires to either scan the QR code or enter manually if using an app like Authy.
Password Security Setup

Obtain 2FA QR code or key from site you are trying to setup













Password Security Setup

Add new key or QR code in Authy Desktop Application














Password Security Setup

Manually enter code from the site you are attempting to secure.















Password Security Setup

Label new 2FA account with name and color













Congrats!  You have completed the password security setup for your desktop app.  Below is what the desktop application looks like when in use for the first time.  Make sure you copy the backup go while authenticating to the site you are trying to setup with 2FA.  Then enter you six digit MFA token as illustrated in the next couple steps below.

Password Security Setup

Copy 2FA code for login after password authentication













Authy ProTips!

Password Security Setup











Backup your site recovery code!!!

Password Security Setup








Great but I want Authy on my phone!!


Nobody is holding you back from having a good time.  Go to the App Store or Google Play and download Authy.  Authenticate with the same credentials you originally used to setup the Authy desktop and make sure the “authenticator apps” are all being backed (see Authy ProTips! Section illustrated above) up before proceeding.


Password Security Setup Summary

You should be now be standardized on a workflow that not should secure your life but also simply it.  The notes left in your Password Vault will enable to work with work related and personal computer or web authentication issues on the fly that once required you to be at the home or office for. If you run into any issues, contact us at Network Antics to see how we can help!



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