point of sales systems support
point of sales systems support

Good point of sales systems support for restaurants can be hard to find.  We try to make it easier with posting some helpful resources.  Here are some Point of Sales systems we have supported:

  • Revel Systems – This is the hip kid on the block.  They provide all the networking equipment, receipt printers, and iPADs.  Our clients like them.
  • Square – I see them with one man shops.  I’m not sure how well they scale.
  • Micros – These guys have been around forever.  One of my clients moved to them for their ability to account for their insane amount of wine labels in their inventory.
  • Aloha – They have a very similar networking setup to Micros.  It is very popular in the bar scene.

Payment Systems

Like retaining customer information.  Who wants the credit card payment systems liability of retaining customer banking information, maintaining it, and all those related merchant fees? Not I.   Here’s a quick look at some payment system options for avoiding PCI compliance issues.


It can easily be integrated into your website. No monthly fees, no retaining of client payment information, just 2.5% per transaction, and wait two days later for the money to appear into your checking account.


This is the same concept as Stripe but typically used for face to face transactions. I’m not sure of the turnaround time but I’m sure it’s very similar.


Why not these guys?

  • Amazon – They know too much about you already.
  • PayPal – Clunky, they haven’t evolved as much as the players around them.  However, they have made recent acquisitions of small players to place them back in the game.
  • Venmo – Owned by Paypal. It’s not really suited for business to business transactions.  It’s most likely one hack away from losing their fan base.
  • Bank ACH – Still the best way to automatically deduct funds from a client but this post is dedicated to offering new solutions against a stodgy old banking system.

Providing Internet for Customers and Restaurant Employees POS Traffic

Securing personal business traffic can be difficult with a basic home office router. Small business and restaurant will not find a better value than Sonicwall Router and Access Point combination. These will ensure you can not only separate or segment traffic from guest but prioritize it in busy times.

However, the internet is as fast as your ISP provides. Make sure you compare the providers for consistent high download speeds of 20 megabits or more. DSL typically comes in the form of ATT and cable is Time Warner, Cox, and Comcast in California.

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Can’t support a point of sales systems support on your own?

No problem.  Contact NetworkAntics today to assist with your point of sales systems support today!

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