Network Security Assessment Service
Network Security Assessment Service

IT vendors come and go, but our value added features such as a network security assessment service, help develop a long lasting client relationship that help keep businesses coming back.  Our team is able to create user friendly and informative reports compiled from our non-intrusive tests and data collecting tasks.   The only requirement from the client is that our team participates in the mitigation process.  This project based work is produced from the remediation reports when performing the initial discovery.  Our team of network engineers investigate and resolve network security issues while our compliance specialists handle office workflow and privacy issues.

About Our Compliance Specialists…

Our team continually conducts IT compliance audits for Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT, HIPAA, CMA and ISO.  We have consulted to a wide range of medical and financial processing clients, including banks, corporate accounting functions, hospitals and medical service providers, claims processors and IT service providers.  These consultants increase process efficiency, manage risk and ensure compliance with governmental agencies.  We have been contracted by several companies to transition their Information Systems organizations to a greater state of efficiency and productivity and to eliminate errors and risks.  This has included the complete overhaul and acquisition and implementation of software systems, client services and IT staff.


Network Security Assessment Service Broken Down:

To show you exactly how our team of professionals at NetworkAntics performs their security assessment service, we’ve detailed our breakdown of the service below.

 Security Assessment Reports
Network Security Assessment Service

  • Security Risk Report 
  • Security Policy Assessment Report.
  • Share Permission Report by Computer.
  • Share Permission Report by User.
  • Outbound Security Report
  • External Vulnerabilities Full Detail Report.


Network Assessment ReportsNetwork Assessment

  • Client Risk Summary Report
  • Full Detail Report
  • Asset Detail Report
  • Change Management Report
  • XP Migration Readiness Report


NetworkAntics delivers Two Types of Compliance:  PCI and HIPAA

PCI Compliance

Anyone using an old school credit card terminal has to abide by PCI Compliance. Square, Stripe, and other modern payment systems do not have these compliance issues. We provide powerful PCI compliance tools for those that fall into the other category:

  • PCI Assessment Services – This is the discovery phase.
  • PCI Remediation Services – It prioritize issues related to security vulnerabilities
  • PCI Compliance Services – This is the essential piece demonstrating that your business meets guidelines for compliance and it won’t be subject to significant fines and other liabilities off the balance sheet.


PCI Compliance Reports and Worksheets

  • PCI Policies & Procedures Report.PCI Compliance support
  • PCI Risk Analysis Report.
  • PCI Risk Profile Report.
  • PCI Management Plan.
  • Evidence of PCI Compliance Report
  • PCI Site Interview Guide
  • External Port Security Worksheet
  • Cardholder Data Environment Worksheet
  • Network Device Identification Worksheet
  • Server Function Identification Worksheet
  • User ID Worksheet
  • Antivirus Capability Identification



HIPAA Compliance

Hospitals, urgent cares, dental clinics, nursing homes and other health-related entities are required by law to have a specialized IT risk assessment performed to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA. We at NetworkAntics have the ability to generates a complete set of the official documents that comprise a comprehensive HIPAA IT assessment, including:

  • HIPAA Policy and ProceduresHIPAA Compliance support
  • HIPAA Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA Management Plan
  • Evidence of HIPAA Compliance and all associated supporting documentation.

Check out below for more resource links on HIPAA:
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Note that all of the reports in BOLD starting with the Security Risk Report in the security assessment, the Client Risk Summary Report in the network assessment, the PCI Risk Analysis Report, and HIPAA Analysis Report are all free.  More in depth reporting comes at an additional costs.  We provide San Diego and nationwide support. Call NetworkAntics to arrange your network security assessment service today!

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