We mixed together popular search terms plus easy to understand IT descriptions.  Utilize “Ctrl F” to find what you are looking for.


New Computer Setup


Join Computers to a Domain or Azure Active Directory

Synology NAS 101 – File Server and Backup Server



VoIP and PBX Phone Systems

The Cost of upgrading a traditional PBX or the questions for migrating to VoIP Subscription services

Options for VoIP service providers

Understanding Traditional Phone and Internet Infrastructure

Recommending Phone Systems


Cable Management – Running Network Cable Drops – Network Setup – Telco


Home Entertainment and Plex



Surveillance Cameras 101



Understanding Power and Backup Power


Azure AD:

Hosted O365 Resources:

Exchange or Mail Locally Hosted On-Site Resources:

Hosted or Local Hosted Links:

Email Support


Server Hardware 101



Implementing a Server



WiFi Support – Basic Internet Connectivity Troubleshooting

Abacus Law Support


Microsoft Volume Licenses




File Sharing – Share Drives – Mapped Drives


File Server


Server Backup Platforms and Tips


Server Data Migration




Printer, Scanners, MFP Troubleshooting, and Document Management Systems


Restaurants – Point of Sales Systems


AutoCAD – Architects


Phones and Phone Service Providers


Educating Your Staff on Phishing, Penetration Tests, Viruses, and Ransomware


Active Directory – Workgroup Upgrades


HIPAA  Compliance 101


Health Care




Mac Support

ArcGIS IT Troubleshooting Support


Understanding Managed IT (needs update)


Internet Marketing

Time Clock Software



File Sharing Over the Internet and the Legacy of FTP

File Sharing Links


Switches, Routers, and Sonicwalls

Basic Sonicwall Setup and Registration

Port Forwarding Setup for Sonicwall


LogMeIn and Other Remote Support Tools

Remote Support – Disable Sleep