Setup OneDrive Client for Business can make a little more sense once you invested the time to understand what exactly each service does and where you go to setup each workstation client.  SharePoint and OneDrive for Business combined give you unlimited amount of communal storage when subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials.

STOP! And read this next sentence…

Please scroll down to the section called “Setup OneDrive Client for Business” if your network has already been setup for OneDrive and SharePoint and you want instructions on how to get the basic cloud “OneDrive” drive going.  I encourage you to read the rest of this post later on.

Note:  Use our Teams post for the easiest integration of SharePoint sync to the desktop and skip past all this mumbo jumbo.

Microsoft Teams Support for your first SharePoint Site – Network Antics

One Drive – Sharepoint Workflow Questions

Questions for your business for better understand your workflow and assist with IT implementations and ongoing support workflows:

  • Do you want critical desktop folders synced on each computer?
    • Which specific computers?
    • Note:  Cloud-based storage-sync-and-share services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive can work as backup tools in a limited way. … You’ll have to put all of your library folders into your OneDrive folder. But there’s another, much bigger problem with using OneDrive for backup: It only versions Office file formats.
  • Do you want to collaborate on files with other users?
    • Which specific computers or users?
    • This service is called SharePoint
  • Are you aware that syncing allows access to data from anywhere?
    • You can setup sync from your mobile device or use a web browser just like web mail.
  • What if my computer is being repaired or recycled?
    • Option 1 – Hard drive file encryption would be a nice feature that most user don’t have.
    • Option 2 – Unlink One Drive (see illustration) and remove data from computer before shipping off for repair or to be recycled.
      One Drive for Business








  • How do you know if you already have this already setup?
    • Check out your user profile libraries…

onedrive client for business





Here’s the gist of features:

  • OneDrive for Business  (This is completely separate from Sharepoint or sharing files with your team)

    • Allows you to store personal data in the cloud and access from anywhere. DropBox was the first to come out with Cloud Storage.  OneDrive is its competitor.
      Setup OneDrive Client for Business

WARNING:  One Drive for Business does not sync your desktop and photos by default.  The OneDrive for Business settings requires adjustment on the user’s computer for this to happen.  Right click OneDrive for Business to view and adjust settings.  Select the Auto save tab, update folders, and manage protection of important folders.






Setup OneDrive Client for Business












What if I want to share files among the members of my team or organization?

Microsoft created Sharepoint as a place to collaborate with other team members.  “Sites” are created for the team to not only share files and post intranet (a website internal to your organization) web page updates but also as a place access and update files and folders in one central location

Setup OneDrive Client for Business 

SharePoint Drive – Cloud File Server Storage

  • Is installed when you install OneDrive for Business.  It’s a communal storage space.  You can have multiple sharepoint “sites” for storage.   Each user can permissions to certain specific “sites”






How do I know what sites were setup for my organization?

  • Go to
  • Select “admin” interface
  • Scroll down the left pane and click the drop down for Admin Centers.
    1. Admin Centers contains administrator access to the entire Office 365 product suite. Pay particular attentions to the URLs on this page.
  • Click “try the preview” for the fancy more featured packed version of Sharepoint Admin Center Preview.
  • In the left pane, click “site management” to the “team sites” your administrator created.
  • Grab the URLs of each team site created for your documentation


Group Permissions – I want all my users within my organization to have access to “HealthGroupTeamSharing” site.


Return to the “Microsoft 365 Admin Center”  to add more users to the “HealthGroupTeamSharing” Office 365 group.  Select “groups” in the left pane for adding more users to the group in question.

Direct link to Microsoft 365 Admin Center

ProTip!  Sometimes it takes Microsoft 365 up to eight hours to process the new user added to the group.  Send an invite to the user via email for the user to have quicker access to the group.


How do you setup a new employee for OneDrive and Sharepoint?


Setup OneDrive Client for Business


1) Open up Internet Explorer and log into with the user’s account.

2) Click on the OneDrive icon.

3) Click on the Sync icon. It should prompt you to install OneDrive for Business.

4) Once this is installed you will have a folder in the Windows File Explorer folder library separate from “Documents” that says “OneDrive – The Business Name”. This will have the synced folder contents for that user’s OneDrive for Business account.   DO THE SAME THING FOR SHAREPOINT






SharePoint setup

As you now know, setup OneDrive Client for Business also features team access.  The sharepoint site can be configured and access once you setup OneDrive for Business.  Basically, OneDrive is the conduit for syncing your Sharepoint to your computer.  To get the SharePoint link, go to Microsoft Teams Support for your first SharePoint Site – Network Antics

Setup OneDrive Client for Business Summary

These instructions are for existing users and existing Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business setup.   Follow the link below if you wish setup a Sharepoint site from scratch.

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