It’s pretty easy to share Synology file links to everyone once the Synology NAS is properly setup.  The problem is most everyone set the Synology NAS half way up before giving up or running it on three wheels.

Shared Links via Diskstation Manager

Copy the “shared link” into an email to share with the client or hyperlink some keywords to make the email more clean.

How to Create a Shared Link:

1) Login into the DSM

2) Click File Station

3) Navigate the file path (see above illustration) or navigate the folder path.  See illustration below for sharing a folder.

4) Click “action” on the navigation bar followed by the “share” button.


Note: Please be careful on the validity period.  The easy way to share is to enable a short term validity period .

synology file sharing services








Share files via Synology Drive Client

Many people do not like utilizing the DiskStation Manager for sharing files.  Setup Synology CloudStation or Synology Drive then.  You will need it configured on the DSM and on the Windows or Mac client.  Once configured, you can simply open Windows File Explore, select CloudStation folder, the same folder/file, and right click to share.






What are the ways to login into the DiskStation so I can easily share Synology file links?

The traditional drive mapping access to your Synology does not allow for file sharing links to people on the interwebs.  You need to use the DiskStation Manager.

Host Your Own Cloud File Sharing – Synology CloudStation – Diskstation Manager Access – DSM

Login to the DSM:

You can use on the LAN to discover the Synology DiskStation Manager if you don’t know the credentials.  Note: There are a variety of ways  of accessing the Synology via your web browser.  Here are the more common ways.

  • Quickconnect URL
    • Not as secure
  • DDNS –
    • Slight improvement on security
  • Use your domain name –
    • Better security
  • VPN Access
    • Best security but more friction for user accessibility

For Businesses

Active Directory Login:

User Name:

Workgroup Login:

User Name:  AdminLoginUserName\password


Please do not use the admin login unless absolutely necessary.  Admin logins always create the opportunity for disaster.  Limited or standard access does not have the destructive capability as the admin login does.


File Sharing Services

Issues with this Setup

You or your organization is the host of this setup.  This requires some firewall hole poking to work.  This also means you will need a certificate from like GoDaddy to avoid scary messages like what is displayed below or simply tell your client to skip the message and proceed to the Synology DiskStation Manager login page.




File Sharing Services





Click “more information” and go to the web page.  This page is for Internet Explore.  Firefox, Edge, and Chrome all have their own versions of scary messages.

Share Synology file links Summary

Place in the time and effort to get Synology running properly and the process for sharing links is pretty effortless.





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