Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support
Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support

SharePoint OneDrive IT Support can be difficult to support unless you keep up with the evolution of the product and break down these concepts into layers of function.   Let’s begin with just exactly what is the OneDrive program.   It’s glorified syncing tool for taking your desktop files and syncing them to your cloud files and vice versa.

Don’t Mix Business with Pleasure

OneDrive Desktop Syncing Tool is used quite a bit in business environments.  However, the same can be said about the personal front too.  There are plenty of micro business with users that may have personal emails and sign in with those personal accounts into a business computer.

OneDrive Rules to Live By

We apply some basic principles towards using OneDrive.

  • OneDrive can be configured to sync your documents and desktop to your personal OneDrive located in the cloud
    • The URL for OneDrive for Business is typically in the format of https://[company][username]/
    • The easier way of accessing your OneDrive for Business is by accessing your email first.  Then selecting OneDrive in the top left corner.
    • The URL for accessing your email is
  • Refrain from using OneDrive personal email account on a business computer.
    • It’s confusing to support that rely on the syncing tool for utilizing it and third party cloud backup program.
  • Know exactly what OneDrive Business is syncing
    • Perform an audit of OneDrive desktop.  Ideally, OneDrive “syncs” your documents and maybe your desktop.  The more syncing, the more desktop syncing issues.
  • OneDrive is not a backup!
    • There are cloud based programs that backup the data synced from your desktop.  This should be a function of your Managed IT provider or internal IT department.
  • Desktop Backup Software
    • It’s a good idea to request your IT team use desktop backup program because of the OneDrive desktop sync issues to the personal cloud drive and SharePoint.
  • OneDrive personal drive data is not ideal for sharing
    • SharePoint is the communal data location but it struggles to get attention because most micro-businesses do not know where it is located.   See troubleshooting steps below for more info.
  • Challenge your SharePoint OneDrive IT support & watch the video below
    • Nothing worse than crying over data that can’t be recovered because of a stolen laptop, ransomware, etc.   Ask the right questions if your livelihood is at stake.  The video below should help familiarize you with all the talking points discussed above.

SharePoint OneDrive IT Support Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The number one issue for most end users is the inability to view file and folders because the OneDrive Sync stopped working.  Most people struggle to get their bearings straight if they are always use the data always being accessible from their desktop.   Where is my data?  Foul language ensues….   “Fudge!  I need my data now!!”   The easiest way to navigate your way back to sanity is simply use the desktop program called Microsoft Teams and follow the illustration below to get back to your data on the SharePoint.  Take an additional step of clicking the sync button on the SharePoint site for syncing the data back down to the desktop.

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support









Teams “Open in SharePoint” Active Site

You can sync to your desktop but you may encounter SharePoint Library sync issues if not implemented properly.








Do you see difference between the above illustration vs the below illustration?  Be consistent with your syncs. Sync “general” folder for all Active Sites.  Below is syncing documents.


SharePoint Active SIte


Setting up OneDrive with SharePoint access by yourself?  Read the four section below before we get to the SharePoint OneDrive IT Support Install.

Here’s the gist of features:

  • Teams is awesome! –  Forget all the mumbo jumbo below & create a Sharepoint site through the Teams interface.
  • OneDrive for Business – Allows you to store personal data in the cloud and access from anywhere.
  • SharePoint Drive – The contents of your Sharepoint team sites are synced when you install OneDrive for Business if you force the sync.  SharePoint is a communal storage space.  You can have multiple SharePoint “sites” for storage.
  • Right now, we created a communal site called “sandbox” at the URL
  • We can also access the same data using OneDrive on our computer and phone as displayed below.
  • Sharing large docs or any type of document becomes easier with OneDrive. Simply right click the document from file explore and share  as displayed below.

Tips from experience:

1: ONLY create the sharepoint sites via teams.
2: Make sure anyone who is going to connect to it has the latest version of OneDrive installed
3: Err on the side of more smaller channels (see #1) than less, larger file stores. The initial file reconciliation can slow down the login process dramatically.
4: teach your users to use teams for file access. And eventually phase out one drive all together.

I already have the Sharepoint site setup.  How do I setup the workstation OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint client?

Scroll down this page to “Create a site – SharePoint” for  complete Sharepoint setup.  Otherwise, stop right here and click right below  “setup onedrive client for business” for the workstation setup.

Setup OneDrive for Business Client Software and include Sharepoint Access

Important Resource Links:

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support Things to Consider:

  • Unlimited Storage for Sharepoint Communal Drive.  1 TB for Business Personal.
  • Document Library. 5000 items per library.  Need to set max 5 versions of a file.


Where would I find my OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Drive?


These are the important locations when looking at Window desktop and opening file explore

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support






One Drive Personal is not important for a business desktop computer setup.  Regardless, each user can have they own personal business drive plus Sharepoint Drive or Sharepoint Library for communal space.

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support








Make sure you have setup Sharepoint prior to the software install OneDrive for Business (Required).  Sharepoint setup is a one and done activity.  From that point forward, you just need to sync/download the OneDrive.  For setting up Sharepoint, skip to the section below.  For One Drive, stick around…

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support Summary

Small businesses do not know the benefits or even that it’s a feature of Office 365 Business Essentials.  They are more concerned about their Exchange email but it’s pretty impressive suite of offerings if you start peeling away at all what Office 365 has to offer.

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